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Flash For Zonzon
Flash For Zonzon, Illustrated Street Style from Helsinki and more…
Flash For Zonzon, Illustrated Street Style from Helsinki and more…

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On the Street. Pencil Skirt and Ballerinas, Kamppi, Helsinki.
After weird spring weather it seems that the temporary snowfalls and the coldest spring season in sixty years is gone and we can finally move towards warmer days. It also appears in the Helsinki street view. I like the sixties tone in this lady’s outfit. Th...

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On the Street. Winter Bye-Bye, Kamppi, Helsinki.
This is the feeling. Winter bye-bye. Would you please go on your way to somewhere else than Helsinki? It has been cold days recently. So cold that I read on the news that even the migratory birds rather turn back from Finland’s border. Too cold, let’s wait ...

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On the Street. Strolling Own Path, Kamppi, Helsinki.
Oh, I love these people. People who doesn’t give a shit what is in fashion or considered stylish at the moment. The patterned flared jeans, 80’s style leather jacket, pink rolled and knitted scarf on the neck. Tall skinny guy eyes alert to watch what is hap...

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On the Street. Like a Graphic Designer, Hotel Clarion, Helsinki.
Few weeks ago I attended a graphic design day Vuoden Huiput Festival in Hotel Clarion, Helsinki. Vuoden Huiput is the competition of the best graphic design of the year in Finland. You may believe that when a bunch of creative people gather together, there ...

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On the Street. Turban Hat Revival, Kamppi, Helsinki.
My steps walked a block amount the same journey with this lady. Interesting combination with the somewhat military style cape and turban hat. All accessories colored to match together perfectly. Saved to mind and drawn later. Check. There has been a revival...

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For Fun. Modigliani Exhibition in Ateneum Art Museum.
Folks it is Friday and we have weekend ahead. Many ideas rolling in the head what fun things to do. For a lazy Sunday a visit to a tranquil museum is a good alternative. We just had a marvelous Amadeo Modigliani exhibition in Helsinki Ateneum Art Museum. Wo...

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On the Street. Dressing Up in Frozen Days, Lauttasaari Helsinki.
Yesterday the headlines of tabloid press were screaming: infernal cold period is approaching to stay for days to Finland. It’s been like this in this winter. The winter coldest weather comes in waves. This is already third time that the inferno of freezing ...

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One Day. Sanna Pyykkö Illustrations Featured in Doodlers Anonymous
In Finland we have the saying: Who will raise the tail of the cat unless the cat itself. Yesterday offered one of a kind surprise, when my Helsinki Street Style illustrations were featured in Doodlers Anonymous Member Spotlight series . I have been particip...

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On the Street. Own Space, Metro, Helsinki.
The other day I was traveling home with metro and saw this guy. The arrogant facial expression tells the story of inconvenience. Forced to travel among the people. Oh, at least the music (or whatever he is listening) gives some barrier against the existing ...

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On the Street. Pink Chunky Beanie, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.
I saw this lady coming through snowy landscape. I truly loved the atypical color combination in her outfit. The pink chunky beanie crowned her style.
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