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Could there be an option to hide your home screens when you show Quickdrawer and Quickpage? So, if you open one of those pop-ups it could hide the home screen behind it to make everything look more clean.

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Cosmicons - Cyber Monday Giveaway
Cyber Monday is right around the corner, and to celebrate it, here's a promo code giveaway for Cosmicons Icon Pack. Read the post to find out how to enter.

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+Lumiq Creative​ Material Design is dead. This should be Google's next step.
I'm working with art-design and in free time have tried few concept with Shuttle. Basically its the same, but with few details. Maybe you gonna catch something to bring in Shuttle in future.

1. Main (Play window)
- Reorganize this 2.0 version downside bar visually. Maybe also make all buttons-area swipe-able to get to playlist.
- Catch color adaptation same as we see in Android 8 (Colors of bar & text in notification center and lock screen are different with player right now)
- Add light blur on color accent panel in play window. Maybe optionally to On/Off (For more and less powerful phones)

2. Library
- There is can be much space for albums/artist.
- Option without bar under Artist&Album names
- Put Shuffle albums as icon

3. Playlist
- Color adaptation with others

Here is more detailed preview on GDrive
Others pics in full size

All of these jpgs are saved in psd as a project, so if you gon need to check something. Thanks!
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Shuttle doesn't support a white title bar theme. It produces a white on white situation.

41 Weeks without any posts? RIP

Discord icon not applying

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First two with IPhone SE and 3rd with OnePlus One
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As promised, to celebrate 100+ downloads of Rush and all of the amazing early support, I will be giving away 15 promo codes to some very lucky people!

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