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-This is a 100% fresh install, not a patch. It will uninstall your AccuRC 1.5 and it will install a CLEAN copy!

-This is NOT recommended since 1.6 models got upgrades, but: If you want to keep your old models, export them, otherwise they will be lost! You don't have to copy them anywhere, you can reimport them to 1.6 directly. Even though they will work and fly the way they did in 1.5, we do NOT recommend doing this though, rather invest the time for setting up new models. You'd miss a couple new features like Blade Slap Sensitivity.

-Take your time for setting up the simulator. I suggest going through the settings pages and reading the info boxes, just to make sure you don't miss anything important.

-To use USB interfaces, they have to be plugged in BEFORE the sim is started, otherwise they will NOT be recognized.


-Completely new, crisp User Interface
-Custom canopy support
-Custom canopies made by the AccuRC team included
-UV layouts for all models included
-New, more compact Model Hangar and My Models dialog
-Ability to rename models
-Integration of Preston Barnett and Jonas Wackershauser (Johnny31297) into the AccuRC component creation team 

-New workbench visuals (stone walls)
-New, intuitive sidebar for quick component access and -changes
-Shortcuts for Model Hangar and My Models

Flight mode:
-Flight mode model changing
-F3C training cones
-Completely new HUD, MP3 player and flight recorder
-Indoor scenery
-Completely reworked Ground-in-View camera

Settings & Usage:
-USB interface support for any USB game controller (Stage 1, flight mode switching will be improved in the future)
-VBar Control USB & RealFlight Interlink presets
-New, easy ARx calibration process
-Dutch, French, German and Italian translations
-Option to save RAM(for low-end computers, slower)
-Blade slap sensitivity tuning parameter
-Support ticket creation integrated into "Help" section
-Demo Flight videos integrated into "Help" section

New models:
-Agile 5.5
-T-Rex 450 Pro DFC
Optimised setups:
-LOGO 600 default setup and canopy completely reworked by Jonas Wackershauser

New scenery:
-Litermonthalle Nalbach (indoor flying)

New canopies:
-Synergy green Fusuno
-Synergy Lightning
-T-Rex 600 E DFC Align canopy
-T-Rex 600 E Pro Blue-White canopy
-LOGO 600 XXtreme canopy blue
-LOGO 600 XXtreme canopy orange
-LOGO 600 Orange nostalgia canopy
-LOGO 600 Ice Yellow Laser Flash canopy
-T-Rex 450 Robot Madness canopy

Exclusive AccuRC 690 Blades:
-High, Medium and Low power settings
-Weight, CG and Chord are freely configurable

New Servos:
-KDS N630 HV
-KDS N650 HV
-MKS X6 HBL-575
-MKS X6 HBL-599
-BK 8001 HV
-BK 8002 HV
-BK 8005 HV
-BK 7001 HV
-BK 5005 HV
-BK 3001 HV
-KST 115
-KST 215 HV
-Align DS410M
New Main Blades:
-RotorTech 690mm
-Halo 700mm
-Helix 695mm
-Cyclone 695mm
-Rail Blades 696mm
-HT Ninja 690mm
-Torsion Solid 600mm
-RJX 550mm
-Spin 325mm blades
-Rail Blades 326mm
New Tail Blades:
-Halo 105mm
-RotorTech 105mm
-Radix 105mm
-Align 61mm
New Batteries:
-Pulse 3s 2250 65C
-OptiPower 3s 2150 35C
-Scorpion 3s 2200 65C
New Motors:
-Kontronik Pyro 700-52
-Savox BSM-5755-520KV
-Align 450M

New ESCs:
-Jive 80 HV
-Align 35A ESC

Known issues:
-Intermittent awesomium crash when exiting the simulator, most likely to happen on low end machines.
-Flybar helicopters - various issues, some fly better than others. Flybar paddle aerodynamic model will be updated to provide better flight dynamics in a future update.
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Just a quick bit of information about 1.6 release.
This release will be available as a re-install only.
There are two reasons for this, one is that the patch is actually larger than the install so it doesn't make much sense to provide a patch and two is that the changes are so big that we don't think the update will go smoothly via patching and a re-install will be far less likely to have issues. We would much prefer customers have a pain free update rather than deal with a failed patch.
Any models you wish to save from 1.5 to 1.6 can be exported and then re-imported after installation.
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A small insight into one of the new features coming in AccuRC 1.6
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We don't usually post about upcoming features as the constant 'are we there yet?' questions get in the way of actually doing the work to get there. However, in this instance it is worthwhile talking about this feature early.
Version 1.6 has the ability to assign custom textures to any canopy. This makes it possible to make your own canopy designs. The process has been deliberately made similar to other sims so that if you have already done a custom canopy for another sim the chances are that with a few mods you could transfer it over to AccuRC.
Attached are all the UV layouts for every models canopy in the sim, additionally I've included the UV layout for a done Synergy E7 so you can see what it is like plus a picture of it in sim. This canopy will be provided as part of 1.6.
Feel free to ask questions, we will try to assist as much as we can.

We will put all these up on our website as well with labels as to what UV map belongs to what canopy.
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A question we are getting asked fairly regularly now is whether AccuRC will run on Windows 10. We have been running it in development on Windows 10 for several months now, there are no issues with Windows 10 support.
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Kyle has been using AccuRC for competition practice for some time and recently sent us this video of his RotorLive routine .... enjoy!
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We just released a small update onto the update server to re-instate ground effect for helicopters. The sim will inform you on startup of the fix and upgrade automatically. 
Well done to anyone who spotted it was missing ;-)
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Version 1.5 has been released!
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