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Peter Tomov
Dick and a general pain in the ass.
Dick and a general pain in the ass.

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If things go south... I'm going ahead and get a table :D

I should not meet children... It makes me feel like having some meself... 

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Thank you for taking this fact into consideration.

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This is entirely correct.

There are times, when you try, try and try... but you just can't get away. Not from yourself, nor from your duty. I think I should have taken the exit left.

Oh, I've been wondering, what's been going on. I obviously haven't been sharing my content publicly. I apologize, that was actually by mistake.

I am an idiot.

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Hmm... interesting. But a real proof that even muslims don't like muslim extremist. A no-brainer, really.

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Really? No method? How about this, genius:

There are STRANDED MIGRANTS at borders of Greece.
There is a huge amount of migrants still aiming for EU.

Why? Dear Frau Merkel opened up her big mouth and called out to Syria and technically each and every poor country around Africa and said:
"Come over, have some free money and living!"

Now... life in Europe may not be as bad, but you still have to work and EARN the money.

1. Disillusionment of those who got through, going after the vision of new El-Dorado and "Free lunch with cake" -> Unrest INSIDE EU.

2. People travelled a long way, now they get stuck at the borders. I don't know about you, but I'd be VERY angry. Mind you, we're talking about nationalities to whom physical casual violence is fairly common. They will be VERY angry and feel VERY cheated. For now, it's calm. But some of the people who got there, paid money, lost their family members in sea and who-knows-what-ordeals. They need to eat, places to sleep. And winter is behind the door.

3. Those people, who aren't actually refugees, will be quite angry with Merkel. Maybe they'll feel like taking a small revenge. Not all of them, I grant you. But many will.

Do I need to paint you a picture? Really?

Ok, potentially MILLIONS fresh ISIS members. Or allies of ISIS. Doesn't actually matter, which.

Good job, Frau Merkel. You quite probably killed Europe, since we cannot allow genocide, but the other side doesn't share your moral convictions.

You do remember, that Chess actually came from muslims?

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That's about right.

With a small addition: If you switch 2 or more words, it may make some sense, but it's something entirely different from what the author originally meant to create :D
Programming is like writing a book, except ...

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And now one standing ovation for this man.

via +Alan Lovejoy 
After the FDA decided he could no longer experiment on people with paralysis, Phil Kennedy went to Belize and paid a surgeon $25,000 to implant electrodes into his brain in order to establish a connection between his motor cortex and a computer.

"After returning home to Duluth, Georgia, Kennedy began to toil largely alone in his speech lab." "He says he determined that different combinations of the 65 neurons he was recording from consistently fired every time he spoke certain sounds aloud, and also fired when he imagined speaking them -- a relationship that is potentially key to developing a thought decoder for speech."

The electrodes had to be removed after a few weeks.
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