The Official Google Plus Translation Guide
Spare your new Google Plus friends the shame and frustration of having to ask "what does this mean?"

One of the problems I had when I started using Google Plus (last month) was figuring out what all of the synonyms and abbreviations meant.  To help spare others from the shame of having to ask things like "What does HIRL mean?" I have put together the Official Google Plus Translation Guide.  If you convince some of your Facebook friends to cross-over, this should be the first thing that you share with them!

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Google Plus Translation Guide:

Blue Boxing - {deprecated} See 'Pinning'

Bluehead - A Google Plus member that has not submitted a profile photo and named after the default image of a "blue head".  Blueheads are often very new Google Plus users, fake, or spammers.

Circle - How you follow other Google Plus users.  Circles are also used for managing who you follow. ->

Circle Jerk - A person that randomly and relentlessly 'circles' every Google Plus user that they see thinking that this will somehow improve their Google Plus standing.  Most new Google Plus users outgrow this behavior within a few weeks of joining Google Plus.

Commogle  [Commoogling] (verb) - Engaging with other users in Google Plus; coined by +martin shervington  (more: by +Peg Fitzpatrick)   

Goobie (g00b) - New Google plus user ("newbie"/n00b); coined by +Jaana Nyström

GPP - Google Plus Profile

GPC - Google Plus Community ->

Hangout - See "HO"

Hash Tag - A word given to describe a post or comment intended to help categorize or locate that post by others.  Hash tags are always preceded by the # (pound) sign.  Example:  #hashtag

H/T (+name) - "Hat Tip" - Acknowledge previous shares or contributions by another Google Plus member.

HIRL - Hangout In Real Life - When Google Plus users venture outdoors and meet up with other Google Plus members in the real world.

HO - HangOut - A Google Plus video chat with up to 10 people

HOA - Hangout On Air - A Google Plus 'hangout' (see HO) broadcast/recorded/made available to more than 10 people.

Hovercard - The pop-up window with personal details that appears when you hover the cursor over a Google Plus user's name; similar to a business card.

Link Dump - (see Link Toilet)

Link Toilet ( #linktoilet ) - A term coined in 2012 by the famous American philosopher and Google Plus member +Rand Wilson used to describe a GPC that has poor/no moderation resulting in spammers and link dumpers posting links to low quality websites.

+Mention - See '+Name'

+Name - (verb) - "Calling out" another Google Plus member in a post or comment by typing the plus-sign (+) followed by their name and selecting that person from the pop-up list. +Naming someone sends a notification to that person. ex: That +Vic Gundotra dude has an awesome car  

Off the Record [Gchat] - Your chat is no longer being recored to your Gmail account.  

On the Record [Gchat] - Your chat is now being recorded into your Gmail.  A transcript will be available in your Gmail inbox.

OP - Original Poster (person that posted) or original post

PeeP - See "Plusser"

Pinning - Change who is showing up in the large screen of your hangout.  Usage: "Pinning a video"

Plusfuc**d (PlusFuc*er) - When someone +1's (see 'Plus One') all of your posts to artificially drive your notification number high / fill your email inbox with notification alerts or to receive undue attention.

Plus One ("+1") - (verb) Clicking the "+1" Button on a post or webpage. (noun) The button displayed on posts, comments and websites (similar to, but better than the Facebook "Like")

Plusser - Google Plus users

RL - Real Life; ex: "All of my RL friends now use Google Plus"

Roundhead - A Google Plus member that has customized their Google Plus Profile image to appear circular or round. [see Squarehead]

SPYW (S+YW) - Google Search Plus Your World.  Personalized Google Search results when signed-in to Google Plus based on your Google Plus connections and relationships.

Slider - The "volume" bar control (slider) that allows you to select how much of that circles posts are visible in your Home Stream. Located at the upper-right of each circle individual stream. (From Home page click an individual circle-stream button at the top).

Stream - Your Google Plus 'home' page ->

SUL - Google Plus's Suggest User List.  This list is presented to other Google Plus users as people that Google suggests they may want to circle.

Squarehead - A Google Plus member with a profile image in the default shape of a square. [see Roundhead]

TAG [person] - See +Name 

TAG [word or subject] - See hash tag

If I have missed any abbreviations or phrases, please leave them in the comments.  This is after all, the Official Google Plus Translation Guide so of course I will keep it updated.

Additional credits / contributors: +Mark Traphagen +Alex Garcia  +Bok CHoy +Ronnie Bincer +Dori Storbeck +Rob Perhamus +Ricardo Nuno Silva 


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