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We love you +Nadia Amro 
As we all prepare for +Ingress​​ anomalies, I'd like to remind you about another agent planning another battle, +Nadia Amro​​. Nadia had surgery yesterday. It was an ordeal to say the least.

I've spoken to her a little today. She's angry that her portals weren't fully charged when she woke up. Angry is good. Angry is full of life. Let's hope she stays that way, but she still needs help.

Cancer is a hell of thing. It takes a lot of crazy drugs, and since she's an unusual case, she requires a lot crazier drugs. The campaign isn't over. As you farm your bursters, and cubes, and AXAs, remember that Ingress is still #MoreThanAGame. It's a game that we want Nadia to beat.

Remember to recharge her heart, but do it next week. Today, she needs rest. Until then, please consider a donation.


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On May 1st, 2015, I downloaded this augmented reality game...... on December 7, 2015 I elevated to a Level 16 Enlightened Agent...... today I reached another self imposed goal of hitting 100 million AP on the nose. Along the way, I've met wonderful people and made great friends that I've laughed and cried with. I've helped organize cross faction events, past Mission Day and now an Anomaly. Ingress is what you make it: fun, relaxing, social, therapy, exercise, competitive.... it can be all of those things. And it can be so much more!!!

+Enlightened Today
+Andrew Krug
+Ethan Lepouttre 
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My first GoRuck Scavenger event and I had a blast....... Knoxville Mission Day was great!!!!

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As we all prepare for Anomaly season..... many of you have met, play with or against, loved or hated this agent. We love you +Nadia Amro Lets continue to pull together and show that regardless of faction, Ingress agents pull together because it is #morethanagame

+Nadia Amro

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It was a pleasure to participate...... in glad I was able to make it back for this!!!
//Operation Heqat
//Situation Report

72 Enlightened agents from 13 states collaborated on Sunday, May 21st to execute a 25-layer field with anchors in Dothan, AL, Mena, AR, and Madison, IN. Each layer averaged ~8.2 MMU for a total of 205,913,575 MU. The entire field was standing for the 10PM CDT checkpoint.

7 Onyx Illuminators Earned: @EnderCBM @Kelley23 @Koleslaw @Jojunior @LilCheese @Wolverine74 @XyzzyMonk

1 Agent Leveled up during the Operation: @BamaGirl1999

Operators:@Alison7 @bigdog60 @butterflyshadow @CDGreeneyes @Deaf1 @evoleno @hardcandy37 @Jemstar @PappyDeLong @richtbone @Semiotiq @StealthRanger @Violentwaves142

Agents:@apophosbabe @apophosdad @Arbegla @BamaGirl1999 @Bandanna10 @BlackCell89 @BobbyDunks @Boogie747 @Catwoman1 @Dantuma @domo303 @Dorkaster @Gjaime @GrubWorm @IIIllIIlIIllIII @Jaey1 @JesseL002 @Kelley23 @Kiteflyerbec @Koleslaw @KraftyMom @LLLiiiLLLiiiLLL @Mantispidae @mezarale @Moonwick @Mrresponsible @MtneerInTN @NainKitty @nframe @NLTARTXTOMATEL3 @odgreen411 @Peanutsmom @Pilot7 @PotholePothole @Priddyboy5 @PrimeNemesis @RexMarshall @RibbonFae @RogerBoom @rootbeer277 @SageNikon @Shellyfratelly @Shriekofnature @Skerdog @Smurdcleaner @SnowRidge @Stecharan @tech1 @TECHNOBLOGICAL @TheNickBurns @thesharc @TheWaysiders @tnahgdrn @touchton @Trig54 @UptownEagle @ViralHumanity @wiz44 @Wolverine74 @Zarley

Fun Facts:
-Agents questioned by local law enforcement: 2
-Agents not above pooping on himself for the op: 1
-Agents feeling “a mixture of shame and pride” about the above statement: 1
-Crises leading up to final clears: 3
-Vehicles overheating: 1
-RES agents who thought 8 ENL agents were chasing him around southern Kentucky because he was throwing awesome fields that were going to claim him the #1 spot on the leaderboard : 1
-Cells covered: 9 complete, 20 partial
-Expletives used: lost count
-Sapper spotted at the wrong place, wrong time: 2
-Cat fact subscriptions: 5
-Barcodes: 2
-Military Bases / Amusement Parks / Nuclear Power Plants infiltrated: 2
-Amount of hate for Holiday World: Infinite
-Catpeople rescuing operation from brink of disaster: 2
-Total perimeter of play: 2,662.34 km
-Total area of play: 340,422.90 km^2

+Alison Strickland McKee +Apophos Babe +Greg Brumm +Shirley Marshall +Brian Strickland +John Rue +Don H +Kathleen Vazquez-butterflyshadow +Nadia Amro +Agent CDGreeneyes +Bradd Dantuma +Matt Webster +Dominic Cheng +Keith Willett +Sarah D'Amato +Jaime G +Grub Worm +Kimberly Pelletier +Barcode Miles +Lena Krutilla +Michael Kolesar +BarcodeKevin +Mantispidae +Joshua Grigsby +Robert Craven +Dan Stover +Pappy DeLong +Melissa Bailey +Don McKee +Todd Sheppard +J. Ashley Bryan +Rex Marshall +Ian Cabell +Bryan Paggen +Charlie Arnold +Shelly Fratelly +Shriek OfNature +Tom Metzger +Smurdcleaner +Gunnar Boysen +Aaron Roberts +Chase Randolph +Chris Walker +Nick Burns +Brandon Woodson +Tina Hagedorn Dantuma +Thad Touchton +Matt Waldrep +James Papalia +David McGowan +Resu Suomynona +Randolph Croom

#SITREP #AuroraProject #niantic #niantic-ops #ingress #AAR #enlightenedtoday

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This weekend was highly emotional for me. I drove to Maggie Valley, NC to attend a Chevy SSR Rally in honor of my father who passed away in December. The outpouring of love I received there was overwhelming.

But most don't know I have anxiety driving mountainous roads and several times was white knuckle driving calling friends to talk me through it. It's hard to drive with your eyes closed.

When the emotions got too much, how did I cope......... Ingress!!! It's very therapeutic. I also achieved a new level of Pioneer for my journey. Then I drove across 4 state lines to help with a field for 10pm checkpoint.... gotta love this game. Ingress is what you make it - have fun, explore, meet people... 
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This was a great op to be involved in!!! Good job team!
//Operation Landgrab
//Situation Report

Eighty-five Enlightened agents from Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia came together on May 6, 2017 to Grab Some Land. The 37-layer field included portals in Carlinville, IL (9), Portsmouth, OH (14), and Florence, AL (16). The field comprised 37 layers, over 4.6 million MU per layer. Sixteen layers were completed in time for the 22:00 CST checkpoint for a total of 74 million MU. The remaining layers went up in the ten minutes after checkpoint for a total of 173 million MU for the whole field.

This is the largest-scale Aurora operation to-date, and it would have been impossible without the help from the ENL communities of St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Central Appalachia. Aurora decided to take quite a bite of land, and it needed lots of help to make things happen. This operation showed once again that when you have enough people willing to run an extra mile (or drive over 500 miles), amazing things can and will happen.

Fun Facts:

Perimeter in kilometers: 1737
Area in square kilometers: 143,653
Miles driven to exchange keys - at least 1,703 (2,740.7 km)
MMU per layer: ~4.65
Onyx badges earned - 4
Cells covered in green - 3 completely, 14 more partially
#SmurfTheEarth #EarthTheSmurf
Number of Earths that were Smurfed - 0
Agents pulled over and released - 1
Agents marooned at targets in dry cities: 2
Agents gagged for safety of minors - 1
Number of doors built for this ol’ house: 1
Number of washouts traversed - 2
Number of pheasants nearly run over – 1
Number of postpartum agents dropping fields - 1
Number of unicorns spotted in the wild: 1
Number of pokemon caught: 0
Pints of brake fluid consumed 1
Number of car fuses blown 1

Last minute snafus: 5
- Alarms slept through: 1
- 5 minute delays: 2
- Number of deer hit: 1
- Miles walked and/or sprinted as a result of the snafus - 2

Thanks to all the agents who made this field happen!

+Mantis Pidae +Pappy DeLong +Jason Tilley +Lantonio Jackson +Lena Krutilla +Kathleen Vazquez-butterflyshadow +CW Townzen +Chris Walker +George Higby +Ginger Roether +Sarah Tyrchniewicz +Jaey1 +Michelle R +IllIIIllIlIIlll IllIIIllIlIIlll +QJoshjeckelnu Nu +Jason Fauber +Amy Wanzer +Michael Finnagan +Don Adams - PsiVeteran +Kim Adams +Arch Shadeau +Patrick Wanzer +Susan Giovengo +TC Kaylor +Lisa H +Doug Lute +Susie Lute +Richard Tyndall +Charlie Arnold +Erica D +Brad Taworski +Mug Wumps +Larry Day +ThePaperMage +Josh D +Betsy Keplinger +Chris Hoopes +Jay Yaj +Chad Herig +Bee Madru +Kimberly Bobo +Thomas McCalvin +Aaron Roberts +Carrie Bradfield +K L +Lance Bradbury +Bruce Umbaugh +David McFall +Shriek OfNature +Aaron Wilcox +Greg Brumm +Don Head +Guy Clark +Jenna Benzma14 +Zachary Kitz +Steve Scheufele +Marcel De Wit +Nathan Wynn +Transforce +CalicoHamster +Alison Strickland McKee +Kimberly Pelletier +Melissa Bailey +Bobby Bagger +Lover B. Fresh +Joshua Grigsby +Rick Greene +Brian Fox +Brian Strickland +Glenn Green +Brandon Woodson +Rhonda Elks +Don McKee +Merl +Alex Higgins +Zen Wizard 76 +Charlie C +Bryant Burgess +honeyburstb +Thad Touchton +James Papalia +Josh D +Ryan Hammond +Judy Hamilton +bookworm1600 +fwseirra dwa +YoungDarkWolf +Matthew Soehner +Chris Emling

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Magnus is Reawakened!!!! I have achieved Architect and what do the ENL do with fully deployed portals you make ask yourself...... we make triangles! 
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The first one was fun..... now nap time then I'll proceed to the bigger and better!


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What has your Ingress teammates done for you???

My boyfriend is in the hospital with diabetes complications and my dogs have been escape artists and been digging out of the yard.... so what does my Ingress husband +Chris Walker do??? Come over and "redneck engineer" a quick fix in the rain!

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