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You are amazing and capable of beautiful things.
You are amazing and capable of beautiful things.

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The Great G+ Purge

I've made countless mistakes through my journey on Google+. Whether it was circle share spam, hashtag spam, gif spam, crosspost community spam and everything else I did to offend others, I humbly apologize.

That being said, I am unable to delete and restart my profile because of connected services, my company pages and my beloved Tiger of the Day community.

Fortunately, I was able to right my wrongs by completely deleting all of my activity, all of my posts and all of my circles which can be verified by trying to see posts on my profile below this one.

Through self-reflection and infinite thinking about my life over this year, I made a final decision to change everything I do online. In order to accomplish this, I've gone ahead and deleted the mass majority of my history on the Internet including websites, social media posts (Twitter deleted, started new, wiped all FB posts like I've done here) and more.

The Cause for Change

I believe social media and main stream media as a whole has taken a massive negative downswing over the past couple of years. Liberals bashing Conservatives, Conservatives bashing Liberals, clickbait to the extreme focused on hatred, emotional responses and so much more. Enough is enough.

Smartphone addition. Since smartphones have entered everyone's lives, it has become such an impersonal bland existence for the majority. Everyone is looking at their screens and not observing what is going on around them. I've now removed most messaging apps and have encouraged my closest friends to send me SMS messages if they need me. Other than that, I turned off notifications on almost all apps and intend to limit myself to an hour or less of screen time per day (a drastic improvement, believe me).

Stuff. I spent the last three months purging "stuff" out of my life. Furniture, collectibles, my baseball card collection, my trailer and more. Clutter drives me crazy and the more I get towards minimalism, the better. It has been a huge weight lifted to finally go through EVERYTHING and get rid of 95% of it all. A big thanks to the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and apps like LetGo and OfferUp for helping me rid it all without having to ship anything.

YouTube. An extension of the massive screentime on my phone has been watching too much YouTube. I've now limited myself to watching two videos per day and plan to move towards being a creator vs a consumer of video.

The Business Plan of My Future

I turn 40 in February, 2018 but there's no time like the present to make sweeping changes.

After taking virtual dynamite to my Internet past, it's now time to lay down the groundwork and foundation to my new business ventures.

- Both eCommerce stores I run are going forward.

- A new site is coming soon that is 100% based on positivity in the world. I have changed my usage of Reddit from negative subreddits to ones that show me inspiration, great things happening in the world and have begun bookmarking amazing things to report on.

This site is being made entirely to help me through my anxiety and depression. It will be monetized through direct advertisers, sponsors and YouTube revenue shares. The focus won't be on money but on surrounding myself with amazing things going on in the world and to hopefully change the thoughts and minds of thousands (millions?).

- I will continue my +Impact Now Academy project after the site above is off the ground. The focus there will B2B and B2C. There will be multiple focuses on that site that will report on great things businesses are doing to protect and change the world and it will be a resource to help businesses grow through positivity, proper social engagement and proper branding techniques that doesn't just rely on paid advertising to thrive.

This will likely be my only post on this profile for an extended period of time as I focus on the social media of my businesses. My primary focus with social media will be pages and accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. That's where the influencers are and where I intend to focus.

Again, I apologize to anyone I've offended or hurt in my earlier years of Google+ usage and participation. If you see me posting negativity anywhere, I give everyone permission to leave comments letting me know I've swayed from my goals to surround myself with positivity and to actively scrub negative thoughts through morning rituals and structure.

I feel so much better after removing all the negativity and constant distractions. It's a weight lifted. Onwards to a happy, fulfilled and inspired Scott Buehler who aims to make an impact on other people's lives.

If you've read this far, words cannot portray just how much it means to me that you care. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read this.

To your happiness
Scott Buehler
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Still can’t believe Google is closing this network down under these circumstances. They never launched an effective, sustainable Ads option on here utilizing AdWords. So strange.
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Google has decided to close this network. Bye friends. Find me on Facebook and send a private message to connect
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