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Hi all, I just got Google Plus on my Techbyte Google apps account, so I may use that one instead of this one . . .

You Might be a right brain thinker
if you…

1. When speaking, you use many gestures.
2. In the past you’ve wonder if you just might be psychic.
3. When you’re shopping and see something you want to buy, you BUY IT.
4. You and clutter appear to be close friends.
5. You find yourself often juggling many projects at once.
6. Words at times exit your mouth before reaching your mind.
7. Liars don’t like you because you usually know they’re lying

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Love takes a chance, when no one will,
Love makes you dance, when nothing will,
Love is a friend, beyond the face,
Love it will bend in humble grace . . . Revs high heels. . . Some things are not meant tone or what do you think?

" set backs and stresses are a bridge to be crossed not a barricade to keep you from your goals." ~ Thanks Nikki for this great quote

Connecticut using social media to stay connected during hurricane #irene Governor Malloy: Hurricane Irene Information

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Just found great site to ask questions about building and home improvement. Check it out:

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