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Brett Gleason
I'll break your heart so I can put it back together, stronger than ever.
I'll break your heart so I can put it back together, stronger than ever.

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Ready to hear ALL of 'Manifest' before Friday's release?! Head to AXS for the Exclusive Premiere of all 10 tracks! I'm SO PROUD to share these new songs with you - what do you think ?! xBG

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NEW SONG PREMIERE! The folksy opener of, 'Manifest' explores the faulty thought process that starts with, “I’ll be happy when...' & marks an entirely new sound to in my arsenal.

Thanks to +fourculture magazine for premiering 'If I Could' with such flair! xBG

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After a year of hard work, I'm proud to present the ‘Expiration Date’ video - a haunting story of love & loss.

It's the first time I included gay content in my work, despite being an ‘out artist’ for as long as I’ve been creating.

Why? Because it’s the first time I’ve written a song about love.

It's a same-sex vision that shows we love & lose just like everyone else and when we’re hurt, we cry the same tears too.

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If 'Love Is Not Forever' sounds like the ramblings of a single man on Valentine's Day, I assure you I am actually in love 💔

Can I explain it's not about him but I still stand by every word?

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On Friday, I debuted my new single 'Expiration Date' over at Atwood Magazine who eloquently and thoughtfully stated the significance of the track almost better than I could:

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In defense of the mentally ill, Donald Trump is NOT one of us.

My latest article for The Huffington Post explains why I'm personally offended by the media's irresponsible & cavalier mis-use of the phrase 'mentally ill' to write off Trump's bizarre behavior - & you should be too.

  #DonaldTrump   #MentalHealth  

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OMG I just launched my 2nd album, 'Manifest'! Please take a look/listen and consider backing this ambitious project, thank you !!!! #NewMusic   #Kickstarter   #AltRock   #SingerSongwriter   #DIY   #Indie   #crowdfunding  

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Haha, I keep looking at the camera trying to read the chat feed - 
love how interactive these are!

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Why is a feminine man so much more offensive than a masculine woman?  

Check out my latest article for +The Huffington Post  - please leave a thought in the comments! #gender   #genderequality   #masculinity   #femininity   #femme   #butch   #gay   #lgbt   #lgbtq   #queer   #trans   #transgender  
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