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Panoramio online user statistics
Panoramio online user statistics


Pamiotrack v0.44 is online
- Changed: Name change from "p-track" to "Pamiotrack".
- Changed: URL change from "" to "".
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p-track v0.43 is online
- Changed: Adaptation to new Panoramio design.
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Hi p-track users,
after Panoramio has completely changed the interface, p-track works no more. As it looks now, major changes are necessary. I currently have unfortunately very little time, but I will try tomorrow to fix it quickly.
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Hello p-track users,
I'm considering to change my current web hosting package to a more powerful package. However, I would then lose the previous domain because a takeover is too expensive for me. I am now search which new unique name would best fit to p-track and then use this new name also for the domain. Do you have some suggestions for a new name?
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p-track v0.42 is online
- Changed: optimized read process of the Panoramio data.
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p-track v0.41 is online
- Changed: the last 30 days statistic charts are now shown less wide (90 instead of 143 pixel).
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p-track v0.40 is online
- Added: polish language, thanks to piotr.
- Changed: Panoramio changed code for icons (mapped, selected, lookaround), read algorithm adapted.
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p-track v0.39 is online
- Added: french language, thanks to Magda GHALI.
- Changed: the Panoramio api has changed again, read algorithm adapted. Now popularity, upload date and position (latitude/longitude) works again.
- Changed: read algorithm of language file. Now it is possible to use a new language, although not all sections are translated. Not yet translated sections use english.
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p-track v0.38 is online
- Added: read popularity is back, thanks to junk0128.
- Changed: photo tags unicode decode.
- Changed: read algorithm adapted for upload date and position (latitude/longitude).
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p-track v0.37 is online
- Added: Google +1 button and link to p-track Google+ page.
- Changed: Panoramio changed the default view to best photos, read algorithm adapted.
- Changed: updated spanish and catalan language, thanks to GuiGonSe.
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