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Paul Benedek

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Well done for filming this and showing what a farce the G20 is, while the corporate media fawns....gave me a few chuckles too!

Paul Benedek

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Absolute rubbish, but nice work trying to forment a coup. See these doctored photos by the rotten Venenzuelan rightwing, trying to whip up fear and another coup:
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Paul Benedek

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Check out this article on the Radical Wollongong film
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I broke a panel in an old friends window with a frisbee (you'd think we were 13, we're 40!). He had a handyman coming to fix a few things and I was just going to supply the glass. This place did it, on the spot, for $10! Who does something for $10 these days?!?! Now speaking to them about fitting laminate and double glazing for doors and windows in a renovation, and so far prices seem extremely reasonable and they are very helpful. Just no nonsense, down-to-earth service.
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If only banks, telcos, airlines, Renovation Boys etc were run like Fixpod the world would be a far happier place! Fast service, polite, very precise about what needs to be done, very fair prices, all performed speedily. Couldn't be happier - please Fixpod, take over the banks and the rest and give us all a bit of hope!
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Incredibly frustrating, woefully organised - feel sorry for the floor staff who must cop alot from customers. I went in the first weekend of a sale to buy a kitchen tap - prices were fine, but when I go to purchase, I'm told the one I've chosen is out of stock and will take 3 weeks. Fine, I chose a different one which is in stock....but the warehouse is closed (on the first weekend of their sale?!?!). I'm told my tap will be coming from Parramatta to Camperdown and will be available for pick up 2 days later. Three days later (to give them a little extra time), I call to check the tap is in so I can pick up after work. I'm kept on hold for 30 minutes, with the most annoying hold advertisements, absolutely no indication of how long the wait will be, and being told at 20 second intervals how great Renovation Boys are and how "we will be with you shortly" - needless to say by the 100th hearing steam was coming from my ears. When I *finally* got on to someone, there was no "sorry for the wait", and after my enquiry he tried to check the warehouse....putting me on hold for *another* 10 minutes. In the end, he couldn't get on to anyone, and I'm still unsure if I will get my tap. I raised my concerns with the person on the phone, stressing that my frustrations were not primarily with him, but the only message was "I can't do anything about it". All in all, a *hugely* frustrating experience when all I wanted to do was buy a kitchen tap. To the management of Renovation Boys, how about (a) opening your warehouse when you have a sale (b) when items are out of stock, write that on the item, rather than letting people pick it out and go to the counter to find out (c) not keeping people on hold for ridiculous lengths of time (d) if the wait *is* going to be long, let people know! (e) Don't play your jingle and a recorded msg that you'll only be a moment on constant endless loop (f) When you provide such terrible service, apologise and try to make it up, eg by refunding some of the costs, offering free express delivery, etc etc, to take some of the pain away. I've never written a review like this, but such a painful experience has driven me to it.
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