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Michael Georgiou
Raleigh Web Design, Raleigh Web Development, Raleigh SEO, and Raleigh Software Development Solutions
Raleigh Web Design, Raleigh Web Development, Raleigh SEO, and Raleigh Software Development Solutions

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People are increasingly using social media for expressing themselves. This includes product/service reviews as well. The sharing power of social media can mean negative reviews can spread quickly , creating a difficult to manage situation for companies. Brands like Nike and Walmart have already started using social media for customer management. Here is how you can do so too.

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HAPPY MONDAY: Our article got featured in Website discussing how top retailers web design ideas made them a success.
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Can't wait until this fight.
We were All Access on the #Mayhem - #Mayweather vs. #Maidana press tour. Episode 1 premieres Sat, Aug 30.

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THOUGHT FRIDAY: What are your thoughts on this? WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS. #wordpress   #drupal   #joomla   #cms   #software   #websites  

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INFO ALERT: Learn about 7 Ways Social Media Monitoring Can Influence Businesses and Drives #Revenue | Opinion Zone: #socialmedia #seo

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How To Use Site Search To Get Keyword Insights In A (Not Provided) World

Good article from +Carrie Hill on the importance of having an internal site search feature on your website now that we have lost all keyword referral data from Google.

Internal site search is great for understanding what your visitors may or may not be finding on your website and can assist your web copy optimizing and creation efforts.

Read Carrie's full post here:

I'd also recommend understanding and researching the following to  assist you in understanding what queries drove traffic to your pages and the engagement

-> Robust keyword research with an emphasis on long-tail and question type phrases

-> Know what your top ranking URLs are in Google are for these keywords

-> In your Google Webmaster Tools reports, access your Search Queries>Top pages report to see what keywords are driving clicks to your landing pages.

-> In Google Analytics, analyze the engagement of the traffic coming in to these landing pages. Unfortunately, we won't know how specific keywords perform without PPC data but looking at the report can give you a general idea of if the content of the page is providing value and assisting in moving visitors down your conversion funnel.

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Remember customers come first! #customize   #consumerdriven   #consumerHealth  

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Imaginovation follows these rules - you should too! Keep yourself ahead! #rules   #marketing  #Digitalworld #evenmore Digital 

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So many out there - set yourself apart! Know these rules! #online   #digital   #business  

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With Social Media being utterly essential! Something to think about #social  media #time #digital 
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