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I need to disassociate an email address from a client's gmail. I was working on this on the Gmail Help Forum but the Community Specialist Rochelle said to "post your query in the Google+ Communities page to receive appropriate expert assistance in this case and then take further action."

Here is the link to the discussion with screenshots...!msg/gmail/h-ETc8ciZ7U/Q3gMlmS9BgAJ

Problem: when people email me (Deb) the name is not mine, it is a client's (Donna). We scoured my google account and the client's google account to find the problem. The only thing found is in circles.

When I go to "circles" there is an email at the bottom.
open the email: it is an email from my gmail to the problem email
my picture is in upper right corner as Donna (screenshot above)
under that click "show details" ==> says "loading" ==> says "no details"
under that click "edit contact details" (screenshot)...

A messed up record shows up (screenshot) with the following

Donna's picture
Donna's birthday
Donna's name
Donna's Description
but my Deb 2 email addresses
And two profiles: ==> donna ==> me

It allows me to edit that record... but before I touch anything I wanted to ask you

What is this record?
Where is it coming from?
If I edit it is it just what I see / my view?
Is it a clue to something we need to do on Donna's account?

When I go to contacts > "all contacts" there are very few contacts(!) But when I go to contacts > circles > clients I can find that record there....


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