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Kayhan Boncoglu
Digital librarian dude that loves computers, technology and creative arts
Digital librarian dude that loves computers, technology and creative arts

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The app looks good (clean design) and is exactly what I am looking for (to publish blog posts to my Jekyll Github pages instance, but sadly the app does not work. I log in and can see my two posts, but when I try to edit or even add a new post, nothing shows up on Github. I tried saving and hitting publish, both don't work. Is anyone else having issues, or maybe I'm missing something? Thanks

Hi everyone,

Anyone know how to get JACK working with 14.04 XFCE on a Toshiba Chromebook 13? I previously had an HP Chromebook 14 and had all the audio stuff working perfectly using 12.10, but I keep getting DBUS errors and it doesn't seem to recognize my USB headset in Ubuntu (whereas in ChromeOS it is recognized). I'm not sure if it is a hardware issue (since the Toshiba may be different from the HP) or is it something between 12.10 and 14.04 that has changed. Anyone who has JACK running, please I need your help. This is what I used to do before and things just worked

$ ls -al /dev/snd/seq
$ sudo mousepad /etc/modules

add the line "snd_seq" to the modules in /etc/modules

$ groups <my username>
$ sudo usermod -a -G hwaudio <my username>

restart or do sudo modprobe

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys

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Hi everyone,

I have an original Acer C7 Chromebook (320 GB hard drive with RAM upgraded to 8 GB). I installed coreboot and seabios following the instructions found on this page using the exact ROM mentioned

I want to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and have created a USB boot installer. I make it as far as "hit F10" and select 2 for USB, but I keep getting the not enough memory error message. I am supposed to enter mem=1800m somewhere according to the site, but don't know where exactly. Any help would be appreciated. Ultimately, I'd like to install Mac OS. I have a Mavericks Unibeast installer that seems to get as far as the Apple logo and it just sits there. No kernel panic but it just sits there.


Hey everyone...I am running KXStudio XFCE 12.10 Quantal. My question is the following. I am getting prompted to update the Linux kernel headers to version 3.5.0 yet when I run uname -r, it it showing the kernel version as 3.4.0. Is it generally safe to update using the update manager inside the Ubuntu chroot? Will I bork my chroot and/or cause problems on the ChromeOS side of things? Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone,

This is sort of an extension to my earlier issue of running out of space on my 16 GB SSD on my HP Chromebook 14. I successfully managed to move the Ubuntu chroot to the 64 GB SD card. Question: I formatted the SD card to ext2 filesystem. I read somewhere that ext2 is better for SD cards to minimize the amounts of writes to the card. Should I have chosen ext4 instead? What are everyone's thoughts on this? This is not really explained in the crouton docs. Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone. I have an HP Chromebook 14 with a 16 GB SSD. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 Unity using crouton. I'm dangerously low on drive space. At times, both the ChromeOS side and Ubuntu side show 1 GB of available space or even less. I'm trying to figure out two things. First, my trash is empty on Ubuntu, but I noticed in crosh that there are a whole bunch of stuff in the Trash-1000 folder. What is the best way to deal with the Trash dilemma since we can't see the trash using the file manager in ChromeOS? Second, is there a way to use FSTAB to increase the size of the overall available space by combining the 16 GB SSD with a 64 GB SD card? Has anyone done this? If so, how would this be done and would this be done in ChromeOS or Ubuntu? Thanks

With the new updates this past week, and with dev-channel on, whenever I try to re-install Chrubuntu I am getting kernel panics. I had all my stuff working (Wine with wineasio driver and Abelton Live), then I did one stupid thing and had to re-install. Upon re-installation I couldn't put my Chromebook back to factory because it said my recovery USB is outdated, forced me to create a new USB recovery and now nothing works. Does anyone know what is going on? I suspect it has something to do with a new kernel.

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Well, it took us a while to get there, but we finally made it! Episode 25 of Bibliotech, the audio podcast that discusses digital technology at libraries, is now up at

Lots of behind the scenes changes for the podcast. I'm using all new hardware and software (except for my Heil PR40 microphone). I spent many, many (did I say many?) evenings trying to craft the perfect vintage "sound" to be warm, crunchy yet boomy, so hopefully you guys will enjoy the new production.

Show title is "Ebooks on your Pop-Tarts". Doug Mirams may be on to something with a possible new Kickstarter smart toaster project. Hence the show title ;-)

Please be sure to also check out Erin Visscher Anderson's "Libraries are Forever: E-books and Print Books Can Coexist (Infographic)" blog post at
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