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SRI LANKA: If you're lost, this is where you can find yourself.

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Travel through Ceylon is really easy. Sri Lanka is a well-worn destination on the backpacking trail and everything is convenient and easy.


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Travel to Sri Lanka with "Trans Ceylon" to experience the Sri Lankan  hilly virgin rainforest. 
Asian bio diversity hotspot - Sinharaja Rain Forest
As Chris McCandless said "The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure.” Within your tour to Sri Lanka you get the opportunity to feel the adventurous experience up to maximum. Out of many choices the rain forest would be an interesting thing which will give you advanced adventurous experience. Visiting a rain forests is like crossing the national borders to anther country. What it makes the hidden secrets of its nature. The animals inhabit here are monkeys, bats,spiders, eagles and butterflies.It is a treasure trove of endemic species, including trees, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
Sinharaja is a hilly virgin rainforest, part of the Sri Lanka lowland rain forests ecoregion.When visiting Sinharaja Rain forest, I recommend planning at least a two-day trip so you can embrace the most of the jungle. Schedule a couple hikes in the afternoon and drench yourself in the lush, observe the limestone rocks in the area and enjoy the mist at the beautiful waterfalls.
If you wish, you can also enjoy the lot more there. You may not able to cover the whole forest even you spend your whole tour period in Sinharaja but make sure to allocate at least a day to visit this amazing place which will give you a great pleasure and remarkable memory.
Trans Ceylon we are ready to plan your tour to Sinharaja Rain Forest by giving you the best experience you could ever have in your travel tour to Sri Lanka.
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