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A pretty darn accurate account of what it's like to work at Sesame Place, except that I also learned how to smoke cigarettes and use the f-word with Big Bird and Ernie back in the employee break room.

(Thanks for +jodifur s for sending me this.)
A reporter goes behind the scenes at Sesame Place.
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Glad you liked it! I thought of you immediately.
I spent more than 1 summer as an employee of Valleyfair! (the exclamation point is required); that managed to take the shine off of the place for me and I've only been back once in the last 20 years. I think the worst part of the job was the piped in happy music.
I have yet to take my kids to Sesame Place. Every time I think about it I just....ugh. 
A friend of mine also used to work there and pretty much said the same things. I am not looking forward to the inevitability of having to take my son there. I have absolutely no excuse considering it's like 45 minutes from my damn house.
This kind of reminds me of how the magic of Disney is lost. I was working a huge LA event with Minnie Mouse and was completely TRAUMATIZED when a small Phillipino man showed up in the tights and shoes... only to emerge a few minutes later wearing the whole costume. shudder Never again.