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Katie Conigliaro
Reader. Writer. Dreamer. Blogger. Netflix Enthusiast. Ravenclaw. Nerdfighter.
Reader. Writer. Dreamer. Blogger. Netflix Enthusiast. Ravenclaw. Nerdfighter.

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A Fond Farewell: I've Moved!
Have you all been wondering where I went? Probably not. But for anyone who was, I can finally tell you. I have officially moved to a self-hosted wordpress blog:! I have been planning this move for awhile and I am super excited that it is finally...

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A Bit of Rambling into the Void
Do you ever have those days weeks  where you just cannot seem to find the motivation to do anything? Those days when your mind focuses more on all the reasons you totally won't be able to accomplish all those things you want to do instead of on what you sho...

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Feature Friday: The Bletchley Circle
Hello everyone and welcome back to Feature Friday! I do want to announce that I have decided to make this a bi-weekly feature, rather than a weekly one. I want to make sure the recommendations I am making are things that I genuinely love and find worthy of ...

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Monthly Faves: July 2015
Nonchalantly returns to monthly post I've forgotten about like 3 months in a row Acts as if I've been completely consistent Seriously though I am so on top of it this month. I had a page in my blogging journal specifically dedicated to noting cool thing...

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Currently Reading: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
I borrowed this book from the Barnes and Noble I work at, because saving money and all that, and then half way through the book I decided just to buy it because I could just tell this one is going to give me feelings and I'm just going to want to be able to...

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Musical Confessions: Come to the Dark Side; We Have Fiddles
Do any of you have a musical genre that you love that simply does not exist on the radio? A genre that requires you look up songs on Youtube or put together your own Pandora playlist in order to listen to them or find new music, because lord knows WCSX or w...

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Book Cover Makeup Inspiration: A Thousand Pieces of You
I am a nerd of many passions, and if you've been hanging out on this blog for longer than 30 seconds you know that two of those passions are books and makeup. And awhile ago I was thinking, wow I would really love to find someone who does makeup looks based...

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Feature Friday: Death Parade
I had a weekly series called Feature Friday on this blog when I first started, but it fell through the cracks when I was trying to decide what exactly this blog was going to be. I recently decided to bring it back, so from now on every Friday I will be feat...

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The Problem with the "Strong" Female Character
In recent years the feminist community has been calling for an increase of “strong female characters” in popular media, be it books, movies, video games, or any other form of storytelling. And I think that was probably a mistake. Don’t get me wrong; the int...

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Cross Cultural Collab Part 2: What Life is Really Like in the US
A few weeks ago Apoorva from Girl in a Whimsical Land and I posted the first part of our two part cross cultural collab, where we both wrote a post detailing what we thought life was like in the other's country. You can read my post on life in India here , ...
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