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Peter Amaral
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Author / Publisher / Swing Trader

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New tutorial video.  How to determine and use the trend in the Analysis Chat window for trade setup in the Campaign Chart Window. This video tutorial is about 16 minutes.

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Get the feeling that the market bubble is going to burst? It has been five straight years of mostly up, and markets do not go up forever.

EWI is offereing two free weeks of their Financial Forecast and Short Term Updates. I've been an EWI fan since 1982 and although I do not always subscribe to their newsletters, I signed up for this one.

When the bubble does burst it's going to be like getting hit with a sucker punch you never saw coming. I expect that EWI will at least  tell me when to consider ducking. I still make my own decisions, but I want to know that I have somebody else who's reliable in my corner .

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You can get a free 10 page ebook from EWI on using moving averages to improve your swing trading skills. The ebook appears to be an excerpt from a longer ebook on the same topic (not free) but a quick review confirms that this excerpt is worth the time.

The free ebook defines all the components of a moving average, it can be more complex than you think, and also goes into the basics of a Crossover Moving Average Trading System and Moving Average Price Channel Trading System.

Finally it goes into the most popular moving averages. These are good to know and include in your charts, at least from time to time, because probably every consequential money manger is looking at these same moving averages, and probably making decisions with them.

Here is the link to the free ebook on Moving Averages:

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Closed out SPY countertrend short trade at a profit. Blog post at
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