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Being versatile, and having additional skill-sets are highly valuable as an engineer. Although, I never imagined I would be painting a shed... #allinadayswork

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Now it's ready for poly
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Loving how linux revitalizes my older pcs by making them run faster than they did with widows when they were brand new

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Spotify users... I personally don't like the idea of not being able to use Spotify without having it intertwined solely with Facebook. They now will not allow new users to obtain a spotify account without a facebook account. For me, this poses couple of problems. So, after going round and round with their tech support, I've decided to list a very nice alternative to spotify. It works exactly the same way. It includes the choice of linking it to facebook OR Google+ or NOT. Hey Spotify! Don't tell me what social network I can and can't share my profiles with!! For those of you who dont know about Spotify, don't bother...checkout Grooveshark instead!
Welp, I said my peace. Enjoy

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wow steve jobs just died... crazy
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