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we give more awesomeness to the world of Android
we give more awesomeness to the world of Android


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Hello guys we haven't disappeared, we 're still alive ! ,
AOSB will not release a Lollipop version till summer , Until that time lollipop will reach stable level then I'll start strong, stable and awesome version of AOSB ever ! ( as kitkat )
keep your eye on our page .
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Hey everyone ,
If you want to join AOSB  community group on Whatsapp or/and receive lasts news about new releases .
send messge on +919988848284 and we will add you .
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WTF! #bruteforcelogin and hacking attempts from many different machines!, a ton of #spam messages at AOSB servers

Check out @AOSB_ROM's Tweet:
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#AOSB ROM preparing to unleash new version, based on #Android #Lollipop
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#AOSB  v1.3.7  is out!


Change logs:

you will not receive any notification from OTA app due to goo servers was stopped, please check the website!

AOSB Team !
AOSB v1.3.7
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We have moved to new server can handle the storm of users per day to get rid of random errors messages causing out of memory

Support Center Online :

We need moderators for our support center (please apply by contact page)

Sharing your experience and leave feedback (without registration):

Anytime you can contribute and help AOSB Project (Donate)

AOSB Team .
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Changes in next release comes with AOSB v1.3.7

Full Changelogs :

AOSB Project name: android_frameworks_base
.nagarw - base: Fix SystemUI crash on Recent App
.padarshr - Show notification when charging.
.Rajulu Ponnada - frameworks: support for disabling extended tile rendering
.Rajulu Ponnada - frameworks: extended tile rendering to avoid unresolves
.nuclearmistake - ActiveDisplay: still a shitshow
.Alex Cruz - Add ability to play audio to Boot Animation
.cristianomatos - Hover: dismiss to left remove from all (status bar and notif drawer) and from right only from hover
.Alex-Cruz - Change longpress action to mobile settings instead of data summary
.Jinpyo-laptop - Over scroll effects [1/2]
.kecinzer - NFC Polling Mode (3/3)
.Tom Hite - User defined wifi/usb tether network. [1/2]
.blunden - QuickSettings: Use a Bug Report tile icon of proper size
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Fix native crash in libandroidfw
.Roman Birg - frameworks: add persistent notification when USB OTG is connected
.kaiyiz - Keyguard: Can't enter PIN code when setting the SIM and PIN lock issue
.Roman Birg - Revert "SystemUI: don't show eq tile while casting"
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Remove listener if exception is thrown
.d34d - Themes: Track NotFoundException on app launch failure
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Fix setting wallpaper from a legacy theme
.Roman Birg - policy: respect FLAG_TURN_SCREEN_ON flag with device flip covers
.Roman Birg - Keyguard: add smart cover support
.Roman Birg - SystemUI: enable equalizer for Wifi display
.Roman Birg - SystemUI: don't show eq tile while casting
.Roman Birg - framework: Add equalizer tile
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Avoid NPE when setting text in TickerView
.Sagar Regmi - tether: tethering chooses wrong upstream when mobile_dun is required
.Kenny Root - Use hidden API to validate APK chains
.Roman Birg - frameworks: add ongoing notification while collecting bug report
.Roman Birg - frameworks: allow LockPatternView to be rotated
.Clark Scheff - Move idmap to frameworks/base [2/2]
.neatchee - Lycamobile (MNC04) considered non-roaming on Vodafone (MNC01)
.neatchee - Vectone/Delight (MNC07) considered non-roaming on NOS (MNC03)
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Load missing style attributes from original style
.Andy Mast - Themes: Fix blurry composed icons
.Roman Birg - Revert "frameworks: set default expanded desktop style"
.Brinly Taylor - frameworks:base: SystemUI: cleanup a duplicate permission
.d34d - Themes: Make sure composed icon info is meaningful
.d34d - Themes: Fix icon filters clamping to wrong values
.Brint E. Kriebel - Revert "QuickSettings : Register/unregister cast tile one time"
.d34d - Themes: Add ability to apply color filters to composed icons
.d34d - Themes: Pass resource IDs instead of bitmaps [1/2]
.d34d - Themes: Set bounds on iconUpon
.Clark Scheff - Make sure ThemeConfig is non-null when loading resources
.Flamefire - Fix ressource leak in getFileCrC
.Danny Baumann - Fix camera usage tracking.
.Clark Scheff - Themes: setUserRequired(false) when updating audibles
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Allow clearing the wallpaper and ls wallpaper
.Roman Birg - SettingsProvider: add default overlay entry for SEND_ACTION_APP_ERROR
.d34d - Themes: Build icon cache when applying icons
.Ethan Chen - MSimNetworkController: Quiet logspam
.Ethan Chen - MSimNetworkController: disable CHATTY logs
.Shareef Ali - Telephony: fix tdsdma asu invalid value
.Abhisek Devkota - Filter Notifications : Adjust string
.Clark Scheff - Add column for tracking when a theme was installed
.Brinly Taylor - frameworks: base: grammar fixes
.Clark Scheff - Fix: wallpaper changes when changing lockscreen WP
.Danesh Mondegarian - LockscreenTile : Don't rely on DEVICE_POLICY broadcast
.Eunae Kim - Fix a bug that the RecentTask list of other’s may show up to non-primary users.
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Prevent coredump file may not complete for testing.
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Avoid mistaking visibility by finishing task.
.louis_chang - [ActivityManager]: Update home process when home activity resumed
.louis_chang - [ActivityManager] Do not finish root activity when reset task
.louis_chang - [ActivityManager] Move top task to top in window manager
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Prevent potential deadlock from system error dialog and InputMethodManager.
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Avoid keeping restarting home when only home activity exists.
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Prevent kill a restarted process again.
.riddle_hsu - [ActivityManager] Ensure alive process is not killedByAm.
.henry.uh_chen - [View] Clear Hardware-Layers before system destroys HardwareRenderer​.
.Satya Krishna Pindiproli - Revert " Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService"
.Sagar Regmi - Broadcast upstream interface change event independently for IPv4 & IPv6
.Harout Hedeshian - NetworkManagementService: Change exception type thrown on IPv6
.Paul Zhang - Wifi: Fix 2 ip addresses issue
.padarshr - Ensure to add Persistent Apps to LruProcess List on app restart
.Danesh M - Proximity : Check proximity flags only if from native
.Clark Scheff - Add navbar background preview to ThemesContract
.Clark Scheff - Include default wallpaper in LockscreenWallpaperPickerActivity
.Clark Scheff - Move 3rd party wallpaper pickers to the front
.Muhammed Siju - Add new Card Unavailable reason for SIM power down in APM.
.hany - derp @71adbd98ed @aec7292d1a
.Schubi - Be sure to shutdown the proximity sensor after display wake
.Roman Birg - WallpaperCropper: fix lockscreen wallpaper "Set wallpaper" string
.Clark Scheff - Load original drawable if cached icon throws NotFoundException
.Andy Mast - Themes: Whitelist animations
.Danny Baumann - Make incoming call screen style configurable (1/3)
.Danesh Mondegarian - Filter spam notifications
.Michael Bestas - core: Fix permission string
.Danesh M - Framework : Fix proximity wakeup reference
.Danesh M - ProximityWake : Add support for checking proximity when waking device
.hany - derp @e6229eff
.Steve Kondik - Allow configuration of the default screen-off animation style
.Michael Bestas - Allow changing screen-off animation (1/2)
.Adnan - IconPackHelper: Don't respect an icons original size if too large.
.emancebo - Add system setting for t9 search input locale
.Danesh M - QuickSettings : Properly restore lockscreen tile state
.Danesh M - QuickSettings : Register/unregister cast tile one time
.BigBrother1984 - Themes: Make notification list bg themeable
.Michael Bestas - SystemUI: Fix too long SK bluetooth string
.Michael Bestas - Revert "QuickBoot: don't wake up screen when usb connected"
.sean_lu - [Asset Manager] Fix memory leakage bug
.henry.uh_chen - [HWUI] Fix invisible views are still shown in popup window
.henry.uh_chen - [HWUI]: fix residual line on FrameBuffer
.Juffin Alex Varghese - Bluetooth-OBEX: Fine tune OBEX Tx MTU for better performace/power
.Paul Zhang - Frameworks: Fix ap list issue while wifi turns on
.fsheng - wifi: Support for AP with Chinese GBK Charset SSID
.Srinu Jella - Bluetooth: Avoid fd leak for Bluetooth server socket connections
.zfu - Tunning max allowed background services
.Yograj Verma - IndexOutOfBoundsException observed in ProcessStats
.Naresh Jayaram - wifi: Disable the network based on the Deauth reason code.
.Abhishek Arpure - Show submenu from menu list on hardware MENU key press
.Manikanta Kanamarlapudi - [video] : added mime-type for mov files
.Nalla Kartheek - P2P : Flush P2P scan results on group fomation failed event
.Nalla Kartheek - framework/base: Do not kill the supplicant on a request to stop it
.Tushar Janefalkar - Add support for BeiDou and Glonass
.Tushar Janefalkar - Revert "Add support for BeiDou and Glonass"
.Mahesh A Saptasagar - wlan: Fix to handle the failure status on supplicant start.
.Rajesh Chauhan - framework/base: Handle P2P-REMOVE-AND-REFORM-GROUP event
.Kun Liang - QuickBoot: don't wake up screen when usb connected
.Zhang Fang - Mms: Fix FC issue that when tapping contact icon many times
.Dhanalakshmi Siddani -Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService
.Nitin Shivpure - Bluetooth: Fix to avoid object leaks during BT OFF
.kaiyiz - ChooseTypeAndAccountActivity: Fix the Null pointer Exception of monkey test
.kaiyiz - DialogFragement: Add null pointer check for mDialog for protection
.Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - framework/base: Create surface based on the panel orientation.
.Suchand Ghosh - SystemUI (MSIM): Fix Airplane mode toggle issue using Quick Access menu.
.kaiyiz - Make sure that items are visible
.kaiyiz - When mInputText isn't on focus, hide the soft keyboard
.Rob Walker - libmediaplayer: update MIME types to include DASH support
.Surajit Podder - frameworks/base: Update timelapse quality check
.Bhargav Upperla - Reduce total number of background apps for low memory devices
.Ramakrishnan Ganesh - Add CAP_BLOCK_SUSPEND Linux capability to system server
.Bhavya Sokke Mallikarjunappa - server: make clat interface name public
.d34d - Themes: Add helper methods for creating complete component maps
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Add STYLE_THUMBNAIL to PreviewColumns
.Adnan - QS: Make PerformanceProfile Tile respect locale change for label.
.Adnan - QS: Make CameraTile respect locale changes for the label.
.Scott Mertz - AudioManager: Add Bluetooth A2DP profile trigger
.Clark Scheff - Add SET_WALLPAPER permission to SystemUI
.hany - SystemUI: Remove duplicate permission
.Clark Scheff - Catch all exceptions when retrieving ComposedIconInfo
.Andy Mast - Themes: Find wp asset when APK has dir entries
.Adnan - Add global setting for all stats control
.dhacker29 - msim: Add missing changes from New Theme Engine [1/6]
.Jorge Ruesga - base: update link ring-notifications after read user settings
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Support applying components from multiple themes [1/3]
.Ricardo Cerqueira - AudioService: Show safe volume panel for non-interactive volume adjustments
.Danny Baumann - Respect DPM when deciding whether keyguard is disabled by profile.
.Roman Birg - SystemUI: fix torch toggle delay on boot
.PeterCxy - IconPackHelper: Respect the original size of bitmap icons
.Andy Mast - Fix ResourceNotFoundException when updatingapplied theme
.Ethan Chen - SystemUI: Update UserTile from Google 4.4 code
.Eric - Fix systemui crash on boot
.Steve Kondik - settings: Fix loading of some initial values
.Roman Birg - SystemUI: fix double tap to sleep not working with secure lock screen
.Michael Bestas - core: Add support for Basque
.Michael Bestas - InputDevices: Prepare for crowdin
.Roman Birg - SystemUI: improve one finger notification expansion
.Roman Birg - frameworks: move safe volume warning above expanded volume panel
.Adnan - HeadsUp: Fix dismiss on back key press.
.hany - Bubble: Integrate with gesture SlideLayer (WIP)
.hany - LIB: SlidingLayeran easy way to include an autonomous layer/view that slides from the side of your screen and which is fully gesture ready Preview: 6Wunderkinder Open Source - SlidingLayer Author:@CesarValiente
.Mattias Nilsson - Make sure we clean up
.lion0738 - Fix Floating window bug
.Jubakuba - Framework: Fine SeekBar control
.Evan Anderson - Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed
.kecinzer - Make network stats color themable
.hany - improve expression
.Peter Carenza - Fix Duplicate styles
.D4rKn3sSyS - Base: Sync AOSPA Floating window Changes with AOSB
.David96 - HALO: make windows moveable and scaleable [WIP]
.zeetherocker - App Circle Sidebar: Support for Configurable Trigger Region[1/2]
.Squadzone - Base: App Circle sidebar (add support floating window)
.Squadzone - [1/2] Base: implement App circle sidebar
.rovo89 - Restore lazy loading of LoadedApk resources
.PrimeDirective - ActiveDisplay: fixes/improvements medley #4,678
.sd3993 - Do not launch floating window when on default launcher
.Der-Schubi - LN: Fix possible NPE
.David96 - LN: beautify
.David96 - LN: Fix FC on launching hangouts notification
.David96 - LN: Some fixes & cleanup
.jescowalker - Lockscreen Notifications: some fixes
.hany - derp @7cdcf41b9 @681096044
.hany - code fixes HOVER And HALO
.Brett Sharp - Derp Fix after swipe patch
.Brett Sharp - Reset Float Settings
.BigBrother1984 - SwipeHelper: Ignore ACTION_OUTSIDE touches
.liquid0624 - Fix setting confirmation helper derp
.LorDClockaN - SystemUI: Swipe to float for notifications and recents (Part2)
.Sean Hoyt - Add on-the-spot user preference dialog
.oreiche - SystemUI: Extend swipe helper (Part1)
.Alex-Cruz - Bye Bye Holo Blue Light
.BigBrother1984 - HOVER: Don't process and/or show foreground app notifications
.android-andi - SystemUI: add missing status bar image
.LorDClockaN - Update Roboto fonts to Android L versions
.BigBrother1984 - HOVER: Respect screen limits when adding view
.LorDClockaN - Use Android L navbar icons by default
.PrimeDirective - Navbar: fix custom back key image resetting on rotation
.BigBrother1984 - HOVER: Don't treat touch outside event as true if is animating
.Jubakuba - FWB: VIbration options (1/2)
.LorDClockaN - Add weather header (1/4)
.Roman Birg - WallpaperCropper: load wallpapers in the background
.Jorge Ruesga - quiethours: do not play screenshot sound
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Add URI for querying previews of applied components.
.Andy Mast - Themes: Add method to "apply all" a theme
.Roman Birg - frameworks: set default expanded desktop style
.Jorge Ruesga - quiethours: inclusive start hour
.Clark Scheff - HeadsUp: Only remove heads up if attached to window
.Michael Bestas - Revert "InputDevices: ES translations (AOSP)"
.Adnan - SystemUI: Clear disappearing children and remove HeadsUp on recreate.
.Danny Baumann - Fully fix interaction between torch and camera usage.
.Roman Birg - add framework torch service
.Satya Krishna Pindiproli - Revert " Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService"
.Dante Russo - Use a content observer for getting the default APN
.Sagar Regmi - server: clear forwarding rules when tethering is disabled
.Maunik Shah - frameworks/base: Fix binder parcel leak with getMetadata() API
.Kenny Root - Use the correct package name for CHOOSER.
.Kenny Root - KeyChain: add explicit package for getPrivateKey.
.Jim Miller - Fix crash in widget pager - DO NOT MERGE
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Style, boot animation, and wallpaper previews
.Danny Baumann - Allow subclasses to override bindPreferences().
.Danny Baumann - Fix setting change observing.
.Adnan Begovic - Revert "listview: ensure active views are filled prior than scrap views"
.Ethan Chen - MountService: Check for null pointer when looking for vold code
.Michael Bestas - Fix translatability of External media format message
.Adnan - BaseStatusBar: Dismiss heads up on backpress.
.Clark Scheff - Use systemui's applied theme for notifications.
.Clark Scheff - Allow specifying a theme when creating a Context
.Clark Scheff - Add getThemedResourcesForApplicationAsUser()
.Andy Mast - Modify config to support app specific themes [1/4]
.Andy Mast - Use ArrayListExtra for broadcasting theme changes [1/2]
.Adnan - PhoneStatusBar: Readd headsup view when theme change occurs.
.Clark Scheff - Themes: Update LoadedApk resources.
.Clark Scheff - Revert "Send broadcast when package is 'about' to be removed"
.neatchee - Virgin Mobile (MNC07) considered non-roaming on Movistar (MNC02)
.neatchee - Noverca (MNC07) considered non-romaing on TIM (MNC01)
.neatchee - Telenet (MNC05) considered non-roaming on Mobistar (MNC10) wq
.Maunik Shah - Fixing parcel leaks to avoid virtual memory leak
.jiayuanr - Remove getBoundTexture().
.Digish Pandya - hwui: fix possible null pointer de-refrence
.Lu, Shenghua - update parameters in uploadToTexture() for GLES20
.jiayuanr - Fix the texture ID reuse issue in HWUI.
.mengsun - Common: Add the api to parse the string to current language
.Venkata Narendra Kumar Gutta - audio: Inform audio HAL if it is a voice call initiated by Telephony
.Uma Maheshwari Bhiram - Frameworks: Fix to avoid crash when the tab is not set.
.Uday Kiran jandhyala - Added validity check for Pointer Index
.Susheel nyamala - Telephony(MSIM): Fix tcp buffersize issue
.Ramjee Singh - audio: Fixed dead lock in AudioService during volume change
.radhakrishna - base: Add support for FLAG_SUPPORTS_PROTECTED_BUFFERS
.Uma Maheshwari Bhiram - Fixing IndexOutOfBounds Exception in ActivityManager
.kaiyiz - MMS: Fix Messaging will force close after tap one item in suggestion list
.Abhishek Arpure - Applications crash observed while selecting words from suggestion list
.yuyang - Fix a resource race bug in PathCache
.Abhishek Arpure - IndexOutOfBoundsException observed rarely in ProcessStats
.Chaitanya Saggurthi - MSIM: Add support for cell info
.Frant1c - base: LT translations
.Jorge Ruesga - base: fix volumen panel traslucent after stream icon click
.Jorge Ruesga - systemui: SignalClusterTextView fixes and optimizations
.Kyrylo Mikos - SystemUI: Improve HeadsUp expanding performance.
.Adnan - HeadsUp: Respect system decorations when adding view.
.ihtfp69 - Themes: add ability to theme quick settings battery tiles
.Adnan - HeadsUp: Add heads up blacklist options. (1/2)

AOSB Project name: android_vendor_cm
.neatchee - Add APN for Tele2 4G
.neatchee - Add APNs for Claro (Panama)
.Alberto96 - apns-conf.xml: add Tiscali Mobile (Italy) APNs
.neatchee - Add APN for Telenet when internationally roaming (MNC=206 MCC=01)
.Brinly Taylor - Add TIGO and VOX for Paraguay
.Rudolf Tammekivi - apns-conf: Fix Elisa EE MMS port.
.invisiblek - apns-conf.xml: update verizon apns
.Zyg0te - Added APN for Tal Iceland, ref CYAN-5026. Note that I am not on that network myself so I have not been able to verify the settings. However, they are taken from the official support site.
.arter97 - spn: add override for Korea
.Goran Rakic - APN type fix for Telenor Serbia
.Ethan Chen - Remove unnecessary duplicate
.Ethan Chen - Disable multithreaded dexopt by default
.hany - Burn It Up to v1.3.7!
.dianlujitao - Add China Telecom apns
.arter97 - [PATCH] apn: fix typo on SKT LTE mmsc address
.Abhisek Devkota - Update HK carrier APNS
.neatchee - Fix Mobistar APN settings
.neatchee - Make LTE-enabled APN default for Korea Telecom
.Jurica Vukadin - apns-conf: Update TMO HR APN
.Brint E. Kriebel - otasigcheck: Fix the sed statement for multi-digit indices
.Brint E. Kriebel - otasigcheck: include multi-digit cert indices
.Brint E. Kriebel - otasigcheck: set verification package to
.Brint E. Kriebel - common: Set property for the CM releasetype
.Ricardo Cerqueira - ota: Validate any installed data's signature against our own
.Brint E. Kriebel - common: Disable multithreaded dextop on RELEASE and SNAPSHOT builds
.neatchee - Cricket merged with AIO, add APN
.Lorenzo M - disabled packages: Add new GMS updater activity name
.Brinly Taylor - vendor:cm: fix an annoying typo
.Jorge Ruesga - vendor cm: Add PhotoPhase LWP
.hany - New BootAnimation (See note)
.hany - add weather (3/4)
.hany - skip OTA prebuilt apk
.hany - Dealing with Gapps (2/2)
.hany - Build AOSB OTA (1/2)
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My baby just born now, Kareem says hi !
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Like! or NOot?
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Rework AOSB OTA ... direct download from +SourceForge servers! Instead of goo servers (service down completely) , live change logs, gapps support
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