#SpiderSunday and #FathersDay !

A black widow (Latrodectus genus) dad! And his mate. I believe she let him escape after mating, and went on to produce numerous egg sacs and hundreds of children. (Fun fact: The males almost never get eaten!) Happy Father's Day to all the two-legged dads out there, and hey, be happy all you have to worry about is cuddling (in case "almost never" isn't reassurance enough) and hopefully fewer than hundreds of offspring!

Happy #SpiderSunday as well! Share all your spiders, and don't forget to + mention the curators; +Chris Mallory, +Kjetil Greger Pedersen, and me! Make sure to mark your posts #SpiderSunday as well, and you can always check out the page at +Spider Sunday.

More on black widows here if you're in the mood for a laugh: http://www.arizona-writer.com/2010/09/night-i-wore-hundred-black-widows.html ; or here for actual information: http://www.arizona-writer.com/2011/02/black-widows-part-ii.html 
More more soon. They're taking over our garage again.
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