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Birthdays, Traditions, and Gifts
When I was little my grandmother had this little tradition that I always loved.  Whenever any of us kids had a birthday there would always be a stack of presents wrapped in newspaper comics...that were not for the birthday child.  Long before the idea of go...

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Stress, Side Projects, and Solstices
Today isn't what I expected, but that's not exactly anything unusual.  I'd hoped to share an exciting new recipe, but life and the plague sort of shoved me to the wayside.  And even though things did not work out how I'd planned, I still want to share somet...

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This is Not a Political Post
This is not about candidates or issues.   It's not about changing your mind or swaying
your opinion, as the time for that has well and truly come and gone.   This IS a post about storytelling,
spirituality, and fear. My mother was a poll worker for many yea...

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A Treatise on Abandoned Things
I've always been drawn to items seemingly forgotten, left
behind.   Old houses empty of all but
ghosts, fallen trees, cemeteries left to crumble at their leisure.   Scraps of paper with a quote that feels
profound, or just one fascinating word waiting to da...

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This is not the traditional sort of New Year’s Eve post.
It also serves as a sad sort of finish to a more stressful
than average year, and I am sorry for that.   But I can’t deny that in some ways it seems fitting. As I’ve touched on before, my maternal grandmother was a
huge influence in my life.   Be it

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Gift Confusion and Belated Yuletide Wishes
My mother’s gift giving habits are a little…odd.   Not necessarily in a bad way, but still.   She tends to be completely stumped on what to
get for everyone and comes up with some interesting solutions.   Case in point:   Last year for Yule I received nothi...

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In which few things turn out the way I expect.
Yeah, about that… Beyond being one of the basic facts of life, the unexpected
has definitely gone a long way toward being the theme for this year.   So, I suppose I should not have been surprised
when fate (and a wasp; long story) cancelled my Halloween pla...

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My Version of TGIF
TGIF, for me, currently would translate to “Thank Gods It’s
Fall”.   And a truer sentiment has never
been expressed.   This summer was…challenging,
to put it mildly. Summer and I have something of a love/hate relationship.   I am vampire pale and prone to i...

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Pushing Seeds Into the Mud
The last five days have
been about nothing but dirt, sweat, plants, and exhaustion.   It seems that every year, towards the end of
May, all my months of careful garden planning turn to panic and chaos.   This time was only different in that the
obstacles ha...
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