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I'm officially a #BHRCBabe! Get the scoop on my 2nd treatment of Exilis now on the blog.

It's an amazing way to remove fat and bulge while tightening the skin in a non-invasive way!

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The latest fashion collaboration between and Olivia Culpo has been my go-to collection this awards season.

See why on the blog:

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Battle of the Sexes was such an inspiring, funny, and empowering movie, and the L.A. premiere last night did not disappoint.

Emma Stone and Steve Carell gave amazing performances, get the insider scoop on the must-see film, now on the blog: #battleofthesexes

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Just because summer is winding down, that doesn't mean that there's still not time to sweat it out! Check out how to get fit and fab, now on the blog.

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Want the scoop on the next big in social media? Then check out my experience with the Jeeyo App and why you should join and starting sharing too!

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So I have a confession. A few months back I felt super stuck. Even though I'm passionate about what I do and I feel very grateful to be a full-time content creator, there are times that I feel uninspired, burnt out, and unsure of how to get motivated.

But after taking an honest look at my life and career, I took the following steps below to get my mojo back and reignite my creative juices.

So if you're like and sometimes just need a break and a life refresh, then read on for a few ways to keep your light shining.

"What I Did When I Wanted To Quit":

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Ready for fall fashion? See why Quickshoelace is my go-to shoe accessory of the season! Now on the blog:

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Just in time for New York Fashion Week, Nordstrom is bringing back their Beauty Trends Events.

Can't make it to NYFW or Nordstrom's? Let don't fret, I share the top 3 beauty trends for Fall!

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Love coffee and fashion? Join me on the blog for more ways that I enjoy coffee and for how I style my 1214 by candy washington Coffee Made Me Do It Sweatshirt.

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Ready to take your personal brand, blog, and social media presence to the next level?

Then let's partner:
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