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Christina Lihani
I'm here to listen, to talk, to be inspired by you. I love digital art and digital photography.
I'm here to listen, to talk, to be inspired by you. I love digital art and digital photography.

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Gas Street Lamp, Reflected
Boston on a rainy day
Boston Skyline
I think of cities as individuals, as having a singular and unique personality. I think of cities as having a soul.
I fell in love with the soul of Boston. It is both very historic and very contemporary. Old buildings with darkened, textured masonry stoically stand at the foot of slick and shiny modern skyscrapers.
History lives side by side with present day life and in everything, you feel the echo of what was and the potential of the good things yet to come.
The people are friendly and the food is fabulous. There is art and parks and winding roads that remind me more of London than the U.S.
The weather didn't much cooperate but we walked miles and miles through the city for the length of our stay.

Boston, Massachusetts 
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Week 10-26 Grant Me One Wish
I wish I could fly!
This was taken in a student common area at MIT in Boston.
+The B&W Project
+Al Chris +Maayan Windmuller +Pat Kight
(Forgive the late post, I was traveling)

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Ruby-throated Hummingbird captured on my deck.
(No sun right now so his ruby-colored throat appears dull.)

_Ruby-throated hummingbirds are solitary. Adults of this species are not social, other than during courtship; the female also cares for her offspring. Both males and females of any age are aggressive toward other hummingbirds. They may defend territories, such as a feeding territory, attacking and chasing other hummingbirds that enter.

Hummingbirds have one of the highest metabolic rates of any animal, with heart rates up to 1260 beats per minute, breathing rate of about 250 breaths per minute even at rest, and oxygen consumption of about 4 ml oxygen/g/hour at rest. During flight, hummingbird oxygen consumption per gram of muscle tissue is approximately 10 times higher than that seen for elite human athletes.

They feed frequently while active during the day. When temperatures drop, particularly on cold nights, they may conserve energy by entering hypothermic torpor.


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Busker with metal guitar
A different kind of heavy metal music

Boulder, Colorado

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Johnston Canyon, Banff, Canada


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In a Galixy far, far away...
Photo just now captured by +Brian Lihani. The theater is in Portsmouth, VA. 

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Seen on the Graffik Gallery building on Portobello Road
London, England
Previously #wordlessonwednesday

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Light and Dark
_The theme for #joinindaily with +Johnny Wills _

This is one of several small models that shows how prisoners once live at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset. Catherine Opie

I think a pretty sunrise brings hope, promise, and a new chance for gratitude.
A beautiful sunset reminds us that whatever else happened during the day, it is ending in beauty and that too brings us hope, assurance, and thankfulness.
If it is cliche then it is a useful and positive one.

#BigIsland #Hawaii #Sunset

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