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A friend has pointed me toward this Kickstarter, and I'm totally intrigued. The story sounds neat, but it's really the art that blows me away. Check it out!

Eirik Holte was always destined to be a Moon Muse, charged with the care of the magical realm of Noren and its inhabitants. However, when he is betrayed and his life is plunged into chaos he finds he must now work with three new Muses in order to save his sacred charge. Among them is a shy woman named Ellette Hughes. Eirik has hardly noticed her in all the years they have known each other through the Coven that supports him and his duty. At first she seems unremarkable. Yet, as he instructs the three in the crisis that has befallen Noren, Eirik notices he cannot seem to ignore her. After they are forced to spend nearly every moment together Eirik begins to understand why she and the other two have been chosen by Noren.

The realm of Noren has always known the grace of the Muses. The two worlds are symbiotically joined together. Elven Lord Ashfaren has been one of the few to hear the Muses’ voice through the ages. They were present when he met the lovely Elemental, Tsukiha, and his life began to change. Yet, when the hallow bond with the Muses is corrupted Ashfaren and Tsukiha are forced down a path that leads to a gifted young Sage, Vwynsent Bloom. The three begin a new relationship with the Muses that has never existed before and is the only way Noren will survived the double edged treachery that threatens its very existence.
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