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nobody tells me what to do.
PSA on which photos of Trump not to share. #MAGA
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He really doesn't care
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The Irish embassy in London has had a run on dual nationality passports. And perhaps most surprisingly, over 550 British Jews have applied for German citizenship.

A year ago this would have been unthinkable. Many British Jews lost family members in The Holocaust and were raised with a deep resentment of Germany.

Six months ago the Brexit referendum changed Britain forever, but it is a change not all Brits have embraced. There has been a High Court challenge to the process of leaving the European Union. The Irish embassy in London has had a run on dual nationality passports. And perhaps most surprisingly, ...
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Not going to make the FBI and Comey look good at all....
4h. Scott Robertson @robertson2803. @SeanXLegg @BBCNews difference between factual evidence and fiction. Scott Robertson. 4h. Scott Robertson @robertson2803. @BBCNews it strikes me that the #msm are wandering why the public don't listen to a word they say now a days? Is it just me? Or ..
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Sabbatical or not, records must be reported (like I did last year, here and here, albeit a month later). According to NSIDC data, the Global sea ice area record for lowest minimum has just been broken, as shown on this Wipneus graph (world famous now because of what happened after...
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Ever wonder what Foghorn Leghorn sounds like in Spanish? Well here you go. Also, in Spanish he's El Gallo Claudio (Claudio the Rooster).

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via +Tim Johnson 
Here we go. 🙄🙄🙄

Excerpt: On Monday, a piece of legislation was proposed in North Dakota that would require any internet-connected device to include a filter that automatically blocks access to pornography.

As detailed in House Bill 1185, the law would legally reclassify any “products that distribute the internet” as “pornographic vending machines.” This includes, but is not limited to: a cell phone, laptop, computer, Playstation, smart fridge, or internet service provider’s router. In other words, most North Dakotans would suddenly become porn vending machine owners in the eyes of the law. You know, because trafficking.
One North Dakota bill tried to suggest that we all do.
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First a porn filter then it gets bad on from there, with further filters America going backwards liberties curtailed.
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So troops arriving in a country with whom we are allied are a threat, but troops invading a country with the purpose of seizing part of its territory is not a threat to neighbors. Riiiiiiiight.
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In the Trump dossier, written in July and August, there is an allegation that Trump was promised 19% of Rosneft in exchange for ending sanctions. This is a huge amount of money, especially for Russia. I am not particularly confident about most of that report, but it's interesting to note that Rosneft did sell 19.5% of itself to a notoriously corrupt, notoriously opaque Swiss firm which deals primarily in conflict minerals. In October.

Last year, U.S. officials accused its CEO of participating in bribing Congolese officials (and paying for mass killings of civilians), so...
Russia said on Wednesday it sold a stake in oil giant Rosneft (ROSN.MM) for 10.5 billion euros ($11.3 billion) to Qatar and commodities trader Glencore (GLEN.L), confounding expectations that the Kremlin's standoff with the West would scare off major investors.
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Hello my name is Nora and I am not famous. I blog a bit. Write poetry and take pictures. I create found collage art. I am opinionated but educated beyond my wildest dreams. If I am wrong I will admit it as soon as I realize it & that is not a long wait. I know lots of stuff since I read....books, periodicals, magazines. I have had an interesting life and been around the block a time or two. I doubt if my ripples go farther than my own page. However, I am as swell as any of the 1% that are followed and most likely more interesting than anyone under 21 famous or not. That said have a great evening. See ya around!

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way, and not to give others absurd maddening claims upon it. 

Christopher Morley

Radical, out spoken and tired of the proud to be ignorant in this world. Ready to be a hermit but I still like the cyber world. I like movies, music, reading books, cooking vegetarian food, cats and all animals- I feed birds (I am a pir and the birds live in my shrine) I have journeyed far to get to this point.  I am not the most interesting person I have know. I take pictures with my cameras. I am creating a new age magazine-. Just an addition. I am very well read and have known many people who are "experts" in their fields. My opinions are based on experience and I am not a racist and to call me that will be considered an insult and shows your lack of vocabulary and education( life and school).
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Dec 29, 2011
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I have just made my second order of sweets for my husband who was missing his childhood flavors. He liked them very much. I ordered a different variety this time of some we tried last time. I expect them to be as good as we can find over here in the states. Nothing compares to a memory but these came close enough to make his 70th years happier.
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