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Bod-e-Tune Wellness Center Products
Great products that tune and clean the body for better health
Great products that tune and clean the body for better health


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The ReferLife Business Network offers the ability for you to access any of the products or services that we deal with. You can shop any of the products, services or opportunities offered as well as share the products or services with others to earn.

Our name ReferLife: represents our goal to enhance life through natural and effective means for better health and provide opportunities for Members to create additional income and more wealth.  Using our products makes you healthier and referring people to our products and services earns you money and refers a better quality of life to all.
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The Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid is designed to protect you from interference from electronic devices that may alter your body's natural electrical frequencies and can potential cause many health issues. You are at risk, your children, loved ones and even your pets are all being affected by EMF's.

Don't wait until you need to reverse the effects and symtoms that may plague you, when you can protect yourself and possibly prevent them. Bod-e-Tune tunes the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system optimizing cell function and allowing the body to do what it should naturally.

Bod-e-Tune utilizes the latest in Nano Technology Research and people world-wide are reporting exciting results on conditions, such as;
* Arthritis
* Joint Pain
* Muscle Pain
* Carpal Tunnel
* Fibromyalgia
* Migraines
* Cronic Fatigue
* Old Injuries
* Neuropathy
* Increased Strength
* Increased Stamina
* Better Nights Rest
* And Much More
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