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Everyone arguing on here about cats - the problem is not cats - its the issue you can't be non singularly selective about circles be they about cats or not - your view is one circle or all circles. You may actually like cute cat photo's one day but during that day thats all you will see if you have bunged all your cat people into a cat circle - or you see everything and all that your circles have to offer. Again I state that G+ has to take a leaf out of Tweetdeck and Twitters book on this (more Tweetdeck TBH) where you can follow people who 'sometimes' can be interesting but put them in a 'sometimes can be interesting' column which you can ignore until you feel in a 'cat' mood - then you can look - everyone else in all your other colums up to you when you look at them.

Just a (recurring since day 1) thought!

Tell ya what - if all the households in the UK threw out all of their Spider Plants then I am sure our Water bills would go down by 50% - They drink more than Keith Flloyd did on a filming shoot!

So for Google+ what users should they be targeting more - Facebook or Twitter - Personaly I think Twitter - Facebook has more users but they are far more sporadic than Twitter users - Twitter users tend to be regular and consitent login than facebook users I would have thought? Am i right?

So no audio adding at all - no adding of any type in a comment that isn't a convo starter - have I got the wrong end of the stick here ir if I am right is this not a major fail?

Aha - the actual Invite button is back - when you add someone via Find and Invite with their email address once in a circle then double click their icon and you will get the Invite button

How very dare Google+ tell me I just sent a nice post - stop reading my posts! ;-)

Awf to beddy bye byes - this is the frist time I have announced this on here - please note I have been sleeping on other days but have chosen Twitter only to announce this important piece of information!

So who enjoyed seeing the lying cheating backstabbing fraud of a businesswomen fired then?

Dont know if its related but my exchange webmail went screwy since using Google+ on IE8 - had to download latest smime activeX - as I say may be unrelated but seems a hell of a coincedance!

If there were enough people on here I would suggest a hangout for F1 fans for silverstone but dont think its worth it yet
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