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Tim Walker
Storyteller. Tends to rush in where angels fear to tread. Athlete in training.
Storyteller. Tends to rush in where angels fear to tread. Athlete in training.

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My latest post for Intuit's QuickBase blog -- please let me know what you think!
Don't cut your Lean methodology too thin. Even companies want to shed unwanted weight. Make sure your operations' diet doesn't lead to anorexia. via +Tim Walker  #Lean   #agile   #processmanagement   #bpm   #erp   #digitaltransformation   #dev   #appdevelopment  

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It's been great hearing from some of the folks included on this list -- who else should be added?
Are you taking advantage of the thriving project management community on Twitter? And which great PMs did I leave out of my article?

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Data breach regulation is coming -- is your organization ready? My colleague +Kyle Flaherty has written a good post to introduce the subject and tell you what's at stake.
Data breaches are in the news nearly everyday, and governments throughout the world are looking to create compliance legislation to protect individuals. But this regulation takes different forms. What is your company doing to get ready for pending data breach compliance rules?

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This article gives some good insights into high-frequency trading environments and the cyber security threats they face, although -- as with many articles like this -- it tends to portray cyber threats in tones that are a bit too cloak-and-dagger for my taste.

The short version is that these low-latency high-frequency trading environments . . .

1. Are very important, especially because of the amount of money that traverses them every second of the day.

2. Aren't much regulated.

3. Aren't nearly as well understood as traditional networks from a security perspective.

4. Are going to get more important, not less.

If you want to know more about the issue, I also recommend a blog post by a colleague of mine, which talks about both her experience in testing low-latency network equipment and the broader challenges faced by operators of these networks:

The Elephants in the Room: Meeting the Challenges of Low Latency and High Volume for Financial Exchanges

If you want to know more about this (with or without any interest in my company's wares), please do let me know.

[Note: These are my views, not my employer's.]

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Next time you need a wireless network infrastructure diagram, feel free to use one of ours (with Creative Commons Share-Alike attribution, please). You can find more of our images on our Flickr feed, here:

And please do let us know what other network / security diagrams would be useful to you.

Starting a tech-oriented G+ circle -- NOT social-media related -- where I can share interesting stories (including from my employer, BreakingPoint Systems).

I'll be selective about adding people to this circle -- so please tell me if you'd like to be included.

(Not you, +Jennifer Leggio -- you're included by default. ;)
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