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New Google Translation Tools: Edit Text, Change Language & Hear Translation Directly Within Search
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Warning: very long read... but I couldn't skip reading a word! 
The Truth About +Marissa Mayer: An Unauthorized Biography!
by +Nicholas Carlson (bravo, sir!)

On the morning of Thursday, July 12, 2012, Yahoo’s interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn, still believed he was going to be named permanent CEO of the company.

He had just one meeting to go...

#yahoo   #marissamayer   #biography  
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Written a new blog post about "SEO : Is It Really limited to Keyword Ranking Now?" .. Kindly share your reviews.
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Community member pages now show who's in your circles

Hey guys, a quick upgrade to Google+ Communities based on your great suggestions and feedback: Now you can easily spot who in a community is in your circles, and who isn't. (This especially makes it easier to add everyone in a smaller community to your circles.)

Just visit a community's member "view all" page, and look for the icon in the lower-right of each member's card.

Hope you enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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SEO Ranking Factors for 2013:
--> Keyword domains and keyword links have lost relevance
--> Brands are the exception to many rules
--> Social signals continue to correlate very well with better rankings
--> Good content is always important: it comes down to quality
--> The number of backlinks remains immensely important
--> On-page technology remains one of the basics
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If I have 2 different domains, lets say "" and "". I have added the Google Analytics code to I keep as it is. Now I want to track (site with no GA code) in the Google Analytics account of Is it possible? Do I need to add cross domain code? OR If I set the goal by keeping destination URL as "" in account, what it will track? Kindly help. #googleanalytics   
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Is it possible to edit the settings given to Google Universal Analytics admin account through admin only? As I have tried it several time. But there is no option to change the settings. I'm the admin of my account but still not able to change my own settings?? Help ! #googleanalytics  
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Anybody here to help me?
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When a web developer says something outrageously stupid about SEO, I'm like ...

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A Visual Guide to KW Targeting & On-Page Optimization

I decided it was time to replace my old KW targeting post from 2009 with a new, more visual, more inclusive one - enjoy!
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Google just made our Transparency Report even better by adding stats about how many malware and phishing sites we detect.
Two of the biggest threats online are malicious software (known as malware) that can take control of your computer, and phishing scams that try to trick you into sharing passwords or other private information. So in 2006 we s...
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