Nightmare Fuel
write horrible things with me

Nightmare Fuel is a writing project that I'm arranging for the month of October. Every day I'm going to post an image that is creepy, scary, atmospherically unnerving, or gory, and then writing a flash fiction or ficlet in response to it. This has sprung out of the fact that September and October have, for several years running, been my Nightmare Season - I'll have nightly nightmares for weeks on end. I'm hoping that maybe this project will flush all that out of my psyche this year.

But I'm not going into this alone it's bat country by a long shot. I've got several people interested in also writing, and quite a few interested in reading. I want to see how many other people want to get on board, writing. There's no wordcount goal, there's no penalty if you miss a day or three, but I'd love to see a lot of people participating because I love how many writers can start from the same inspirational material and go completely different places with it.

There seem to pretty much be three options for the Nightmare Fuel project:

Option 1: Writing
If you have any interest in participating, let me know and I'll add you to my Nightmare Fuel circle. You'll then see the prompt photo I post each morning. Each evening I will repost the image publicly, along with whatever I have written on it. I am going to try to write something every day; this is not a requirement, and anybody doing the writing side of the project can feel free to skip any days for whatever reasons you want.

This will run October 1 through October 31, so it might even be a good warmup for any NaNoWriMo participants to get in the habit of writing daily, if you aren't already.

Option 2: The Heavy-duty Looking-on
You can also request to be added to the Nightmare Fuel circle to see what the prompt image is, and also to be able to see what's being written by the other participants; most folks are all mutually encircling (Achieving great Venn!) and some may choose to post just to the NF circle rather than publicly.

Option 3: Be A Muse
Feel free to contribute images. I've been stockpiling some in a private circle already, but I want to have more than enough to make it through the month. If you have of your own, or have seen an image you want to contribute, please link me to the source along with artist info - I want to have artist permission everywhere possible to use their images in this way.

Even if you aren't interested in writing or providing imagery, please share this out for other people - you'd be surprised who might be interested in jumping in on this. I know that I have been, and the more, the merrier!

Since a lot of folk are still hitting this post, I'm going to edit it daily with links to the prompts for folks having trouble finding them.

Day 1 prompt:
Day 2 prompt:
Day 3 prompt:
Day 4 prompt:
Day 5 prompt:
Day 6 prompt:
Day 7 prompt:
Day 8 prompt:
Day 9 Prompt:
Day 10 Prompt:
Day 11 Prompt:
Day 12 Prompt:
Day 13 Prompt:
Day 14 Prompt:
Day 15 Prompt:
Day 16 Prompt:
Day 17 Prompt:
Day 18 Prompt:
Day 19 Prompt:
Day 20 Prompt:
Day 21 Prompt:
Day 22 Prompt:
Day 23 Prompt:
Day 24 Prompt:
Day 25 Prompt:
Day 26 Prompt:
Day 27 Prompt:
Day 28 Prompt:
Day 29 Prompt:
Day 30 Prompt:
Day 31 Prompt:

And for the sake of the reshares, here's a linkback to this original post!
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