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BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY FRAUD- It is common knowledge to those who own substantial shares of class A Berkshire Hathaway to use trusts to avoid taxes. They put the shares into "street name" where the IRS and the SEC can not recognize the real owner. When the shareholder dies, the beneficiary uses the trust to transfer the shares without reporting them to the IRS and the SEC. They keep the street name on the shares and change the ownership. This is what Warren Buffett and Bill Gates did to my grandfathers shares to maintain controlling (over 51%) interest in Berkshire Hathway no matter what the shareholders vote every May. Bill Gates has been illegally voting my grandfathers shares since he dies three years ago since the transaction of the shares are illegal. This is the main reason that Buffett doesnt pay a dividned because this would expose all the fraud to the IRS. As of right now, shares of Berkshire Hathaway do not have a federal tax id number because they have not paid out a dividend since 1967. My grandfather paid off attorney, judges. attorney generals, etc to keep this out of the courts. Look up Judge Robert Ensz in Nebraska because he was asked politely to resign after my grandfather paid him $200,000 to look the other way. Berkshire also committted stock fraud in 1999 with NBH INC and OBH INC. I would love to explain this in full detail and get this out. This is playing out right now in Nebraska and more specifically Cuming County.
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