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A flexible tool to build communication platforms.
A flexible tool to build communication platforms.


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ComSpy2 gets the 5 star rating at Download32 with these remarks:

-We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep this high standards in the future.

Hmm, sounds familiar...
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I got an email about broken XP compatibility. This is prio one to fix and as soon it has been fixed an update will be available.
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ComSpy2 v0.32 has been released.

Added or reworked:
 - Lua object can have up to 10 in and out channels.
 - new Lua send(data,ch) command to send data to an arbitrary channel.
 - onData() got a default handler passing data through to channel 0
 - Lua syntax highlight predefined library functions.
 - Object "Script version 1" has been renamed to "ComSpy2". All older projects will automatically rename upon load/save.
 - F9 toggles breakpoint.
 - SHIFT+F9 toggles breakpoint enabled.
 - Step over F10.
 - Object tabs can transform to floating windows.
 - Dock all windows (CTRL+F12)
 - Breakpoint management
 - Compiler status (info icons)
 - Colours are now stored as Hex values #RRGGBB (a lot easier to edit now)
 - Bitmap object got a new button (clearing image).
 - Object's tab position are now saved in the project file.
 - Selected tabs are saved and restored on save/load.
 - Lua script editor's horizontal tab set to 2 characters.
 - ComSpy2 script object can have 0 to 1 input channels.
 - Updated project examples in sample folder and manual.
 - Data path can be selected in options dialogue.
 - A template path has been added for the default project file.
   Previous versions will migrate if the default.cs2proj is in the ComSpy2 directory.
 - Crash in Lua syntax highlight after internal Token reset.
 - Lua breakpoints outside the script are now removed on load.
 - Lua toolbar didn't update correctly.
 - Lua syntax highlight not accepting _ as a valid name character.
 - Lua syntax highlight incorrectly terminated block comments.
 - Lua syntax highlight incorrectly terminated string blocks.
 - Lua syntax highlight scanner not classifying z,Z and 9.
 - Lua editor's undo handling recorded syntax color changes (not supposed to do so).
 - Lua editor cursor not positioned right on mouse clicks.
 - Lua text selection with SHIFT+ARROW didn't work correctly.
 - Lua run to cursor breakpoint not cleared on first active breakpoint.
 - Added some missing hint text to various tool buttons.
 - Snapshots are saved in the data folder.
 - Folder browser now star at the current set folder.

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Why do you always find all those "last-minute" fixes just before a release?
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Looks like next update is ready. Only to update Users Manual first... 
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With the new Lua object, ComSpy2 can be turned into a Syslog server producing and publishing status on a web server with a few lines of Lua code and objects...

I'm still debugging the system before next update...
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New ComSpy2 update in the pipeline...
- More Lua debug functions
- Minor fixes

The possibility to keep each object in a floating window has finally been implemented!
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Preparing a release with the new Lua object included.
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