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It's a spied on, spied on, spied on world
One of the theses of the Digital Civil Society Lab is that digital policies matter to civil society. We've been working since 2013 to map and understand the intersections of laws and regulations on telecommunications, intellectual property, consumer privacy...

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Not in my name (or my email or mobile number)
I will march, protest , call my representatives, vote, mobilize, and resist. As of Jan 3, 2017 the U.S. government - House, Senate and soon to be White House - is taking a broad swath of actions that I do not support and will not allow to happen in my name....

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We the people who are the data
The instructions "do not fold, spindle or mutilate" used to accompany
IBM punch cards, a ubiquitous technology for capturing and storing data
for computational purposes up until the late 1980s. As
colleges and universities began to computerize their stud...

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What are digital data?
This is a metaphysical question but one that may help you think about using digital data safely, ethically, and effectively at your organization. I've been mulling over this question for awhile and it seems there are many ways to conceive of the value and r...

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#Blueprint17 is live
Download it for free here

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Nonprofits, foundations and the next U.S. President
(Photo: The U.S. nonprofit sector often thinks of itself as being independent from government and markets. This is true enough that one of the major  trade organizations even calls ...

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Practical advice for digital civil society (U.S. focused)
In The New Republic , Brian Beutler writes "...we’re facing a moment that threatens equal protection, due process, free
expression, democracy—. It’s not a drill." Social justice advocates, reproductive rights activists, racial equity leaders, librarians, c...

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Civil society now
That democracy depends on an independent civil society is a bedrock assumption in political theory. In the USA, we've just held an election that will test this theory against reality. Like so many people, I've spent the last few days trying to reconcile my ...

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Philanthropy in Democratic Societies - New book and excerpt
I'm delighted to have co-edited this new volume, Philanthropy in Democratic Societies . The book is a product of an unusual process, one of workshops and seminars designed to create an multi-author  volume that forms a more coherent whole than most such col...
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