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Transactional E-Mail Management for Your App
Transactional E-Mail Management for Your App


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5 Email statics that will amaze you for sure!

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Infographic: The Future of Email Marketing

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Debunking the 7 myths of E-mail marketing: Grow and improve your reach in 2014!


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Here is a great comparison on the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing visually illustrated in an infographic. Determine which category your campaign fall in to!


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New Google update on images for emails does not sound good for email marketers. Read more about the update here.

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It’s not always clear what you should measure in your email campaigns to get optimized results. Here’s a quick guide with a list of things you should be tracking and how important it is to track those details!

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Engagement is very critical in email marketing. Try these tactics to improve the level of interaction you have with your subscribers!

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Every day countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. How to prevent being caught up in these socially engineered email? This article might give you a clue!

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Email is one of the best ways to reach consumers. So when you see your email unsubscribe rate goes up that means your customers aren't no longer interested in reading your content. Learn how keep your readers interested in your emails strategically!


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An 82% of mobile users check email on their phone, and half of them will delete an email that does not open on mobile. There are interesting facts that might help you when managing email campaigns. Small businesses should know these 3 mobile stats for sure!

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