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New blog post on Smart TV:

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Dijit app has an update...

anyone know how to set the Public URL for a google reader share? I'm in an infinite loop between Google Reader redirecting me to a setting on Google+ that doesn't exist...

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ok +Robert Scoble here you go! :)

why I'm not enjoying engagement on google plus so far? no threaded comments. just like it plagued friendfeed, it's an utter LACK of engagement as it merely encourages commentors to ignore threads and say something directly to the original poster. thats not community, thats not engaging, its flat and uninspired. and yes, that's just my opinion.

why is it that the default behavior of having signed up to use G+ is that anyone who follows me is allowed to dump their crap in my inbox?

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Thanks +Jeremy Toeman and +Maksim Ioffe for giving me a very complete look at the Dijit/Griffin Beacon (find more about that here: ).

This turns your iPhone into a very cool remote control.

What do you think? Is this the future of your home entertainment system?

in google+, how do i find the stuff that I gave a +1 to? (I pretty much hate this UX)
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