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As others have mentioned, the Wil Wheaton-hosted YT show TableTop is a great source for card and boardgames. From watching the show, my wife and I have gotten more than a few games in the past year+ and have hosted a number of get-togethers at our house. In fact, we just had one on Sunday! Crowd favorites have definitely been Munchkin and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Since I've seen Munchkin already described in the comments here, I'll just explain Betrayal. It's a tile-based game in which the players are cooperatively exploring a three-story spooky house. Since the rooms you're discovering are tiles drawn from the pile, the house is always arranged differently. At some point in the game, The Haunting happens, and that's when the game changes. One person (usually) becomes the traitor and everyone else are the survivors, and each side has new rules to follow. There are 50 different scenarios that The Haunting can trigger, so there is a ton of variety. It's a blast.

I also saw Pandemic mentioned a few times. Another game that's made by the same guy, and is more kid-friendly, is Forbidden Island. It's also a cooperative tile-based game, wherein players have different roles (each with special abilities), and you all try to collect artifacts together before the island sinks! It's a lot of fun.
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