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Maciej Płusa
web, design, html5, wordpress, programming, new technologies
web, design, html5, wordpress, programming, new technologies

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When I edit my web app and trying to paste base64 code into my css there is strange behavior with code editor. Does anybody have the same bug? NetBeans 7.4 Linux

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Hey, I am using node server with and https module. Randomly I am getting ssl error. Even restart does not help and after some time problem disappear. Anyone know how to solve this?

Programista modułów do Magento poszukiwany, proszę o kontakt :)

Hello friends,

I have problem with my node.js (without express) server with ssl certificate. After couple of hours while server is running I am getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on client side.

Process is using a lot of ram and cpu looks like it is used as always. But I can't access the node server because of the error above. Restart helps but what is cousing this kind of behavior?


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Hello there,

I just wrote a little script to help with localization process with your blade templates. Please write if you have any questions or suggestions. Examples of use u can find in


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Mini skrypt do ułatwienia pracy przy lokalizacji szablonów blade. Jak dla mnie do tej pory świetnie się sprawdza więc wystawiam na światło dzienne.

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Kinect for Xbox One - awesome!
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