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Hello? I just got another message that said this community is for my cloud beta users only... I signed up for my cloud beta a week ago and have still not got an app notification to install the beta version and can't find any other way to install or download the beta version. Thus far the only thing I'm experiencing is people telling me I'm not allowed to post here? WTF? What happened to that really nice guy who built this app that use to send immediate personal responses to questions and concerns about its functioning? Thus far all I've got is people repeatedly telling me I'm not welcome here and not allowed to post? And if I'm not allowed to post here, how come I can still post here?

HI... It's been 24 hours... Still no update notification/option to install My Cloud Player Beta? Do I simply wait for the next beta player update or is something not working correctly? PS: My Cloud Player is awesome!

I'm so fed up with Soundcloud's crappy 'new & improved' app yet again. So glad 'my cloud player' is still alive and still updating... Keep up the great work everyone!
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