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Nehru Trophy Boat Races
Nehru trophy boat race, Alleppey snake boat race, Kerala snake boat race 2014, Alappuzha Snake boat race online tickets
Nehru trophy boat race, Alleppey snake boat race, Kerala snake boat race 2014, Alappuzha Snake boat race online tickets


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It is in the months of August and September that the moist, rain-drenched earth and the glorious everflowing backwaters burst into song together, as over hundred thousand men and women gather on the banks to witness a spectacular water regatta - the SNAKE BOAT RACES. Boat race crews begin to practice for the race months before the great day. They live together, eat together, toil together to work themselves into a smooth, co-ordinated team.

 A splendid procession unfolds with all types of 'Kali-Vallangal' or RACING BOATS, led by the largest and the most majestic of them, the 'Chundan'. Its rowers sing songs known as ' Vanchi pattu ' to the rhythm of the oars - a feast for the eyes and the ears. The largest of the 'Chundan' boats the length of which varies between a hundred and a hundred and thirty feet can seat a hundred and twenty rowers, sixty on each side. Like the neck of an angry snake it curves to a height of fifteen to twenty feet. The prow is pointed and stands four feet above the water with its glistening brass embellishments. The main steerman of the boat stands on the amaram with specially made long oars. The efficiency with which they handles the oar is what establishes the speed of the boat and its balance. They claim that a single strong plunge of the oar into the water can take the boat three leaps forward to a distance of thirsty feet. On boat race day, the 'Chundan Valloms' as the greatest racing boats are called -are slicked down with a special oil to make them glide effortlessly through water. The crews then visit a shrine carrying the stroke and largest steering oar with them. And having offered prayers to the Almighty, they are now ready to war with their fellow men. The air crackles with excitement as the best of the 130 feet Chundan Valloms, each manned by over a hundred rowers, fly through the waters at break neck speed, egged on by the fierce competitive spirit that marks the event and the spectators lusty roars. 

Nehru Trophy Boat Race 

The most famous of these is theNEHRU TROPHY BOAT RACE on the Second Saturday of every August There are a dozen other Snake Boat Races. The latest addition is the one in connection with the GREAT ELEPHANT MARCH held on 19th of January every year. 'Champakkulam', 'Kavalam', 'Karichal', 'Jawahar Thayangari', 'Kallooparamban', 'Pacha', 'Pulinkunnu', 'Nadubhagam', 'Cheruthana', 'Kandangari' and 'Paippad' are the chief competitors for the trophies. Large and spectacular 'chundans' glide towards the finishing line like meteors in the sky with water splashing violently on both sides like streaks of lightning. An unforgettable and truly special scene. The fund of energy, spirit of competition and unerring co-ordination makes this sport one of the most dynamic.
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The Kerala boat race pavilions are always crowded. Not very healthy for the discerning tourist who would prefer to enjoy the race in peace. For families and women…

Johnson Gilbert, tourism entrepreneur from alappuzha organizes a unique, safe and enjoyable way for tourists both International and domestic - to watch the alappuzha boat race. From the past five years, he hires houseboats. On race day - 2nd Saturday of august for tourist to enjoy the race..Only guests who buy Nehru Trophy boat race tickets from him are entertained on the boat. Ensuring a safe, vibrant environment

Starting with a motor boat on his first venture, Johnson hired a houseboat the next season. The burgeoning success of his enterprise. Meant that Jonson had more than 120 tourists last season. And he hired four houseboats for his guest to watch the race!

Tourist who sign on through Johnson gather at his guesthouse by 08:30 in the morning. they leave to the houseboat for a leisurely cruise through the backwaters to the venue of the race. early starting to ensure a vantage position to watch the race.Lunch-veg or non-veg,drinking water is provided free on the boat. Snacks and soft drink available at extra cost. Race begins at 02:00 PM afternoon .Race finishes by 05:30 PM evening approximately.

Transport to the race is included (From Johnson's guest house. Transport to town centre after race is also included

Exactly what does 1750 include?

a) Nehru Trophy boat race ticket.

b) Transportation (by tuktuk or taxi cab) on morning of race day from Johnson's guest house to houseboat that takes the guest to venue of race

c) Hygienic drinking water and lunch- veg- non veg.

d) On board entertainment.


e) Transportation after the race from house boat to town center(Guest make their own way to dinner or their respective guest house their own.
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Preparations for the big event begin several weeks in advance. The snake boat is smeared with sardine oil for smooth passage through water, the best oarsmen are selected and, under the supervision of the senior most oarsmen, the practice sessions begin. Around 150 oarsmen, who would represent the village, take the vow to observe strict abstinence and celibacy till the oars to each of them. Each ward in the village and at time rich individuals takes their turn in feeding the athletes on the days of the practice at mass feasts on the river banks.

 Even in the days of untouchables, this was a feature of the regattas with caste Hindus, Scheduled Castes, Christians and Muslims sitting in the same row for the feast symbolising the communal amity in Kuttanad. In fact, the Church has a traditional role in the celebrations at Champakkulam though the water festival there is associated with a temple legend.
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Breaking News -30/01/2014
Tickets sales for Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2014 is now open!
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Alappuzha Snake Boat Race ( Nehru Trophy Boat Race-2014) - Race Day - August 9th Saturday
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