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The Best Box of Monsters
So here's something cool I dug up a while back and meant to share with all y'all. Back in 1982 or so tabletop fantasy gaming was so big that Grenadier Miniatures, one of the best manufacturers back in the day, started a division aimed at a more mainstream a...

It just struck me that everything you need to know about me as a college instructor can probably be inferred from the fact that I have a lava lamp on my office desk.

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What does the party look like?
I don't usually use the jump break thingy when writing a blog post, but I'm going to try it here today.  Hopefully it works. Anyway, I'd like you to close your eyes and imagine a typical D&D party.  Once you've got that idea in your head, click the thing to...

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a handout for raw recruits
Running a demo game somewhere?  Luring some nice, normal people into the sordid world of elves and orcs?  In my experience, one of the hurdles newbies often face is making sense of the weirdo dice.  So I made this: How to Dice This document is a public doma...

Just did the thing where you go to the store for X and on your way out the door your spouse reminds you that you need A, B., and C as well and once there you recall that you're out of D, E, and F and then you get 47 other things and forget to get X until you get home.

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Vaults of Vyzor session 9
Dale the Valet Roster Brutal Pete, dwarf (Aleksandr Revzin) Young John (0-level hireling) Jarrod, LotFP magic-user (Ian Reilly) Sigismund von Flegelschnecke, gnome fighter/illusionist (Alexei McDonald) Gary Oldman Badger (pet badger) Barnabus Sleet, muscle ...

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I'm calling it the Evans Method
So check out these sweet maps: (click to embiggen) These babies appeared in various D&D kiddie products.  The one on the left appears in my D&D cartoon boxed set.  I thing they are pretty rad.  A bunch of these places appear in the cartoon series, but some ...

Here's another info request for the hivemind. I need an old school D&D/retroclone rulebook that has something like the following properties:

free PDF
short (say, 16 pages or less)
accessible to complete newbs (what are funky dice, how does roleplaying work, etc)
has at least 4 class options of the F/MU/Cl/Th type
it can be an incomplete player's book

Anything spring to mind?
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