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So here's the lowdown on my new online game, starting next Friday morning.

Google image search failed me today. "Captain America Indiana Jones Blues Brothers" did not turn up fan art of Steve Rogers, Henry Jones Jr., Joliet Jake, and Elwood teaming up to punch the shit out of Nazis.

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At Joliet Lodge AF&AM. They have 44 framed portraits of famous Freemasons in their lounge. Each portrait has a label listing the Masonic affiliations and source of fame of the subject. Except Red Skelton. Only his lodge details are listed. Apparently we all already know why he is famous. Forget Henry Ford, General MacArthur, or John Glenn. Those guys are small time. We need a reminder what they are famous for. But Red Skelton is forever. Poets will sing of his deeds throughout the ages.

So I defended my dissertation proposal yesterday. I'm now one of those All But Dissertation people.

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Friday night music time.

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Barbarianaut makes some new friends.

So here's a new surefire way to drive me nuts: a WYSIWIG interface for editing HTML that will report what fonts and sizes you can change the text to, but that won't tell you what the current settings actually are. You have to flip to HTML view to see that. Every damn time.

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Friday night. Time to rock out.

New D&D magic spells, designed by neural network
I’ve trained this open-source neural network framework on a variety of datasets, including recipes, Pokemon, knock-knock jokes, and pick up lines.

Here’s the latest: a list of 365 different spells you can cast in Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s a really small dataset, actually - so small that in almost no time at all, it learned to reproduce the original input data verbatim, in order. But by setting the “temperature” flag to a really high value (i.e. it has a higher chance of NOT going with its best guess for the next character in the phrase), I can at least induce spelling mistakes. Then the neural network has to try to recover from these, with often entertaining results.

I give you: D&D magic spells, designed by neural network

Moss Healing Word
Hold Mouse
Barking Sphere
Heat on Farm
True Steake
Finger of Enftebtemang
Fomend’s Beating Sphere
Purping Lightsin
Wrathful Hound
Q’s Invisibility
Cow of Auraly
Mind Blark
Stone Share
Puijune Magic Furs
Grove of Plants
Conjure Velemert
Vicious Markers
End Wall
Mous of Farts
Gland Growth


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Oh, yeah. Nick went and done it.
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