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Joseph Corcoran
Self Sufficient, Work well with others if I have to
Self Sufficient, Work well with others if I have to


One bucket of water for a tub full of fun.
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Might be a red neck if Your belt buckle trips the airport metal detector even when you aren't near the line.
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Might be a red neck if Your TV gets 512 channels, but you go outside to use the bathroom.
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Well done.
Lucky to be spending the weekend in beautiful #Morocco surrounded by loved ones
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Great BBG meeting last night. Really productive and the blogs are flowing. ....
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Why all the wise cracks on the plumbers crack?

The back ground

The View point

One should not make assumptions about the plumbers crack

The back ground of the situation ( pun intended ) is that plumbers are usually in odd positions most of their working lives at the expense of the client. They are usually oblivious of the fact that they are exposed. However never are caught with their pants down.


The view point of the situation is that the plumbers are ahead of the times. It all started with low rise jeans with extra-large suspenders and moved into a culture of all of its own . Thus causing the outlawed in some states the term ( saggy pants ). this link exposes all of the undeserved and undesired assumptions of the situation. Although this is an unusual matter it requires a few reasonable wise cracks with less stereo types.


For less of the matter #thumbsplumbing .


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Monday ..... hey anyone else who has been having issues with Monday's?
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What is capillary action and why is it so important in the plumbing industry?

We take capillary action for granted everyday and we are glad to have it when we slightly over fill our water glass with any fluids of choice. Have you ever over filled your water glass? Well if you noticed that when this occurs sometimes if caught in time the glass appears as if it is pooling above the glass slightly however never overflowing. Well that is capillary action in effect. Plumbers use this amazingly to their advantage all the time when assembling your water system. If you've ever seen a plumber use copper, silver soldier, and tinned flux with a hot torch. Chances you have wondered how the plumbers get that silver soldier to draw that soldier into the fitting even when the fitting is up side down and seems impossible. Well that is capillary action in effect. The heat created a small vacuum and when the tinned flux is applied it helps lubrication of that action to draw the silver soldier right up into the cup of the fitting. This makes the fitting water tight. Making the plumbers job relatively easy and the plumbing system last year after year. Enjoy it for yourself.
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The original plumber Joe
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