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Investor Protection: The Secret Corporate Takeover: Joseph Stiglitz on the TPPA.
Investor Protection: The Secret Corporate Takeover by Joseph Stiglitz on 14 May 2015 @JosephEStiglitz Joseph Stiglitz Joseph Stiglitz The United States and the world are engaged in a great debate about new trade agreements. Such pacts used to be called “fre...

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Pony-tails, panic and PR spin.
How Crosby-Textor propose to rescue Key from the fall out over his casual Pony-Tail stroking. Rumour has it that the Crosby-Textor spin machine that elevated John Key to the leadership of the National Party and thence to Prime Minister of NZ has been hard p...

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Why Tackling Inequality is of such Importance. from Social Europe Journal
Why Tackling Inequality is of such Importance Stewart Lansley It has long been recognised that
extreme inequality has many serious social consequences, as well as
causing economic fragility and weakness – now the time has surely come
to act. There’s a lo...

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Satire- the great weapon of insightful commentary.
I came across the website of John Holcraft (illustrator) recently. His illustrations encapsulate the effect of the anti-worker zero hour contracting legislation so beloved of the NZ National Party. Here are a few of Holcraft's illustrations that demonstrare...

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The economic collapse of Middle Earth. John Key's failure writ large.
This article is republished from The Automatic Earth blog site. It makes very revealing reading especially as the writer dissects the economic failure that is John Key and his off siders Bill English and Steven Joyce. There’s Trouble Brewing In Middle Earth...

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Robert Reich on why austerity and tax cuts for the rich are bad economics.
This talk by Robert Reich, courtesy of Social Journal Europe, demonstrates the fallacies that underpin the economic policies entrenched in the National Party and their fellow conservative poltical allies. It makes rivetting viewing and provides even more re...

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Equality, Efficiency and Economic Theory (Social Journal Europe)
Dani Rodrik In
the pantheon of economic theories, the tradeoff between equality and
efficiency used to occupy an exalted position. The American economist
Arthur Okun, whose classic work on the topic is called  Equality and Efficiency: The Big Tradeoff ,

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Tory Austerity mythology exposed ( from The Guardian & Social Europe Journal )
The same neo-liberal mythology which declares  National as the best manager of New Zealand's economy is used in the UK to boost the credibility of the Conservative Party with disaster-ous consequences. This article from The Guardian and reproduced in Social...

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Neo-Liberal Economics and the danger to nations' sovereignty. From Social Europe Journal.
The TPPA debate has echoes in Europe as Neo-Liberal economists conspire to remove national sovereignty through the Juncker Commission. Will The Juncker Commission Continue To Entrench Neoliberal Policies? 22/10/2014 by Lukas Oberndorfer 22 Like 21 Tweet 4 +...

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NEW THOUGHTS ON CAPITAL - Thomas Piketty (From TED Talks)
I found this TED talk to be thought provoking and a challenge to us all as we witness the further stripping of State Assets being signalled in New Zealand.
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