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"Observing a new life" oil painting on canvas
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Beautiful light/color/composition and a great message.
Thank you +John Christopher coming from a great photographer like you, I am honored to receive your valuable comment! I was hiking in VERY early spring right after winter was going away and I saw this little branches on a tree among many other were still dry and colorless. I only saw it in my imagination as such and as a new life coming up!!
+Lupe M. Luevano what I say always comes from my heart and there is no other way for me, so you earned it my dear.
Yes +John Christopher as a great photographer,you know very well that taking a good photograph is not simply by click on the buttonof the camera because you like a scene. Rather it takes much more than that to feel the scene, the surroundings, think of the best corner, angle of it etc with the right light exposures etc. I am not professional photographer to saymore but you know what I mean. To let our imagination see the hidden beauty, that many might walk by and do not even pay attention to, It is the job of artists including photographers of course. I usually take my own photographs and there is challenge and enjoyment when think and think to develop them to alive painting on a dead white canvas. :-)
I love these colors, they are so refreshing! Beautiful composition, Mona!
Thank you very much +E.E. Giorgi for the comment. Coming from amazing photographer means much to me. This set of colors is one of my favorit but it depends the subject of course I select my group of colors for reach painting. Please feel free to visit my online gallery or watch my video if you wish to see more artwork!
Mona you are an angel and it is time to show your true colours.
Thank you +catherine hislop for the angelic comment, I appreciate how you see me! I love pure colors and anything that is 100% organic pure :-) But also I wonder, many times, why I have been receiving such comment over and over again!! What do angele do? What do I do in comparison!?
Good morning, +Mona Youssef. The blues and greens are intriguing. I like their interaction with the browns of the wood. Very pretty.
Thank you +Lorie Wren for the positive feedback. We have things in common "loving this combination of colors! " What makes the color also so vibrant is that I buy the pigments powder from, Italy, German, France and mix the colorsmyself even though it is VERY dangerous health wise! Have a lovely weekend
Wow. You will please be very careful with those! And have a good weekend, too.
Thank you for caring +Lorie Wren No matter how one can be extra careful the price has to bepaid, keeping in mind that I also, work with oil for many years, not that I am old no, no, no :-) Will remain young in heart!
Good for you! Young at heart is the way to be. Smiles!
Good for us, we make two :-)) Keep on smiling!
Thank yiu +Meg Rousher for visiting my gallery and glad you like it! :-) Enjoy the special weekend!
Thank you dear +catherine hislop and may this time of the year helps us to meditate on the importance of Jesus sacrifice for us!
Mnay wonderful things are happening at the moment and many wonderful changes will happen before the end of the year
I believe that beautiful life is ahead of us but do not know when excatly, what is why I have painted this painting" Observing new life" !
How did it start for all! Can all see it? Or only few hope for it!
yes.. i am having my house i am selling up and moving
That is very good, enjoy what you are doing and wish you much success on this project!