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Mona Youssef

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Wit pleasure, I am proud to present this beautiful artwork of +Emmajo Childs in +Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair and many thanks  to the wonderful Team of +Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair  for all the hard work, I am so looking forward to seeing you once again in November, as well +Barbara Walder , +Jacob Surland +Isabelle Malo have a lovely weekend
The #Avenue  at #Dusk  by #artist  Emma Childs, represented by +Mona Youssef  #Artist  &  #Gallery . Visit for more information about the #Fair  and to see what's new for 2015. #Art   #Artist   #Chester   #Cheshire   #ArtFair   #contemporary #visualart   #Canada  
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Mona Youssef

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Thanks to +Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair for promoting the outstanding artwork of +Barbara Walder , I am proud to present there. See you in November. 

Mona Youssef

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Many thanks to +BiancoscuroMag Art Magazine in Italy for featuring some of great artists I have presented in +Art Monaco 2015. +Amy Polling +Alex Beck +Barbara Walder +Anne Walbring +Nimue Fichtenbauer +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck +Emmajo Childs, +Isabelle Malo,  +Mila Agirre , +Lyonn Redd  Page 56:
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Now online! - Biancoscuro Rivista d’Arte. La versione cartacea di Biancoscuro Rivista d’Arte viene distribuita nelle più importanti fiere e mostre d’arte, recapitata a collezionisti, gallerie ed enti culturali - - Biancoscuro is a ART MAGAZINE. The paper version of Biancoscuro Art Magazine is distributed at the most important trade fairs and exhibitions, delivered to collectors, galleries an...
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So looking forward to seeing you again dear +Amy Polling with your interesting painting "BRIGITTE BARDOT" people will love it 

Mona Youssef

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Hello Friends,

Here is the new look of my website, hope that you will enjoy the  visit. Your comments are welcome. +Alex Beck +Anne Walbring +Alasdair Urquhart +Barbara Walder +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck +Emmajo Childs +evelin juen  +Nimue Fichtenbauer +Roshi Khalilian +Mila Agirre +nomad nomadlook you are part of the website and happy to have you included. 

If you are looking for professional and honest web developer, I will be happy to introduce you to him. 
Online Art Gallery offers realistic original oil paintings, art prints and greeting cards for sale by international fine artist Mona Youssef.
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Wonderful new week to you dear +Gudrun Smith 

Mona Youssef

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When moments of happiness are shared multiply and receiving such honorable Prize of Excellence award for my gallery during the tasteful Gala dinner of +Art Monaco is unforgettable memory.My gratitude to +Johnessco Rodriguez for granting me this award and acknowledging my efforts publicly as a gallerist. Thanks to fellow artists who gave me me the privilege to preset their artwork, +Alex Beck , +Amy Polling +Emmajo Childs +Roshi Khalilian +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck +Benedetta Scaglioni +Barbara Walder +Yaraslau Klimkouski +Mila Agirre I wish you all the best and hope to see you in the near future.
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Than you sweet +Mariana Ibrahim , I miss you soooooooooooooooooo much and hope to see yo soon my beloved cousin XX

Mona Youssef

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Special thanks to +Art Monaco for featuring my gallery at their website with some images of artwork of tome artists I am happy to present there.
See you in few days soon +Amy Polling , +Alex Beck , +Emmajo Childs , +Roshi Khalilian, +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck , +Bruno Wojnicz , +Barbara Walder , +Nimue Fichtenbauer , +Anne Walbring +Isabelle Malo +Manss Aval +Yaraslau Klimkouski +Melencio +David Peterson +evelin juen +Mila Agirre +Mila Ryk +Demetrios Hatzikos +nomad nomadlook ,  have a safe trip 
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Thank you +Haninos Maximus :-)

Mona Youssef

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It has been a great pleasure presenting your outstanding sculpture +nomad nomadlook , hope to see you again in future exhibitions! Best wishes
Madame monsieur,

J'ai le plaisir de vous convier a ARTMONACO 2015 -Je serais présent sur le stand de MONA YOUSSEF GALERIE.

For the sixth successive year, Opus Eventi presents one of the most highly anticipated art fairs in the Western sphere. From July 9th – 12th, 2015, art enthusiasts and those lusting after luxury are invited to satiate their palettes at one of the most opulent global art shows to grace the French Riviera – Art Monaco'15.


From July 9th to 12th, 2015, art enthusiasts and those lusting after luxury are invited to satiate their palettes at one of the most opulent global art show to grace the French Riviera – Art Monaco 2015.
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Mona Youssef

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Many thanks to +Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair for portioning one of the very talented artist I am presenting in Chester Art Fair +Isabelle Malo, your effeorst are much appreciated,  see you in Novemebr
Night Club by #Artist  Isabelle Malo represented by Mona Youssef #gallery  at Chester Arts Fair 20-22 November. #savethedate   #art   #chester   #cheserracecourse  
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Thank you +Hanno Reitschmidt  and +Sambuddha Duttagupta welcome to the opening!

Mona Youssef

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Hell Friends,
At present time I am selecting artists and artwork for two upcoming exhibitions. Videos will be shared with you when are done. 
Wishing you all a delightful new week. 

Mona Youssef

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Friends, here is the full page in the high quality Biancoscuro Art Magazine, ital published some of artists, +Barbara Walder +Mila Agirre +Emmajo Childs +Alex Beck +Amy Polling +Isabelle Malo +Nimue Fichtenbauer  +Manss Aval, +Uwe , +Lyonn Redd  presented in ArtMonaco and myself holding the Prize of excellence . .  
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Most welcome +Barbara Walder a pleasure presenting your precious artwork.

Mona Youssef

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Dear Friends and fellow Artists, here is a video; memories of Art Monaco, I hope that you will enjoy watching. +Amy Polling +Anne Walbring +Alex Beck +Barbara Walder , +Roshi Khalilian  +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck +Mila Agirre  +Mila Ryk  +Nimue Fichtenbauer +nomad nomadlook +Johnessco Rodriguez +Emmajo Childs +evelin juen 
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Many thanks to you dear +Barbara Walder I am so looking forward to seeing again in Chester. Are you on Twitter?  You meet some of the participant, we have been twitting and re-twitting :-)  Also I will send you a private message shortly :-)!/MonaYoussef

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Special thanks to +Art Monaco namely +Johnessco Rodriguez  for honoring me with the Prize of Excellence for best gallery during the stylish and tasteful Gala dinner of ArtMnaco 2015. Words cant express my gratitude. +Alex Beck , +Amy Polling , +Emmajo Childs , +Roshi Khalilian +Mila Agirre +conceptual photography/art Bert Koeck +Benedetta Scaglioni +Barbara Walder 
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Thank you +Haninos Maximus , miss you cuz :-)
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Canadian and International Award-winning realism Artist and poet. Mona Youssef Art Gallery: &

“I'am AN international fine artist with passion for art since childhood and love writing from a very early age."

I believe that art is a manifestation of love, loving the nature around us and the people we share our world with. I am so fascinated by the four seasons and the rich verity they bring to our daily lives. When we truly love what we do, we do it whole-souled and become professionals at it. Art is a powerful tool and a silent International language that can convey messages to the world reflecting culture, history and civilization. This language can speak up, announce, make known, unify, bring together, support, encourage, share, care for, show compassion and kind feelings toward all. In two words; Art is to LOVE.”

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