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The most interesting thing, they also started scamming through Skype.

I opened a new Skype account 5 days ago, my wife was telling me that someone phones all the time, when she answers, there is an automated message saying that your computers security system is expired, it may be infected and you must go to some website and pay for some software to clean your computer out.

The most interesting thing that this Skype account is not assigned to a computer, i set it up on a Skype Phone :)

Here are the Skype account i got the calls from:
1. ir.if. - ONLINE NOTICEtm
2. ut.wa.

Be careful out there.

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Hello everybody.

Computer scam came back in 2012 and goes viral in Canada again.

Read more on our website, the link is attached. And be careful answering your phone.

They don't know whether you have viruses on your computer or not, they don't even know if you have a computer.
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