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A tablet solution designed just for schools
A tablet solution designed just for schools
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Nice to read a positive story about tablets in education, especially when they're ours :-)

Product Announcement: Content Name Changes

Very soon we will be launching an update to LearnPad with lots of great new features, all of which we will describe in detail on launch day. However, there is a change that might cause a little confusion and we thought it wise to give you all a heads up.

Since the dawn of time launch of LearnPad, content has been organised hierarchically into activities, categories, and profiles. When we moved into America we found this caused some confusion and adopted a taxonomy of learning objects, content packs, and lessons. Since then, both systems have served us well, but in the spirit of simplicity and unity we have decided to adopt a single naming convention that all LearnPad users can embrace: resources, categories, and lessons.

We feel this system is intuitive for teachers and reflects the way they are using LearnPad content in their classes today. We hope you agree and that we don't cause too much head scratching once the changes go live.

No more will be two nations divided by a common language!

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A wonderful review from +Jacqui Murray 

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We completely forgot to mention that we won the ERA 2013 Innovation Award! This makes four major industry awards in a year, which means the world to a small company like ours.

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Nice article about us from Peter Eyres:

"LearnPad have come up with a cheap and effective solution. The easy to use online management interface, specifically designed for education, coupled with the pre installed client software, ensures that educators and technicians no longer have to worry about crucial system settings being changed, or students having the ability to stray off task by browsing websites they shouldn’t. LearnPads education focused tablet solution is a serious, feature rich, easy to use,  cost-effective and viable option for schools."

It appears that a comment from +Rusty Meyners got deleted from one of our previous posts. We have no idea how this happened and we would like to make it clear we would never delete comments negative, positive, or otherwise unless they are horribly offensive (see +YouTube for details) or obvious spam.

Sorry to Mr Meyners! We welcome his input and we are seeking some answers on various points he has raised.

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A video of the LearnPad Dashboard in action from Bett 2013. We calculated Nik gave this presentation 120 times!

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Some pictures from Bett, including Nik demonstrating to Samsung president Shin Jong-kyun.
Bett 2013
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To top off a wonderful Bett show, we won the Digital Devices award! Here's a quote from the judges...

"This is the way tablets should be managed in a school environment. A great deal of thought has gone into the design to reflect the needs of schools and how they operate. Excellent online management system provided and very easy and quick to use. Excellent price. Impressive and convincing testimonials."

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These apps rock...
This is great for building up basic maths knowledge. It starts with recognising numbers, counting, writing numbers, moves onto addition, subtraction, number patterns and through to multiplication and division
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