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Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.
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No-one esle seems to so I thought I'd cheer myself up!! So how are you? I was beginning to think you'd gone all "Luddite" and forsaken all things digital, as part of the "new" Karsten. What's shakin' in Germany these days my ol' pal?
Gosh, by and large, I'm mighty fine. Workload is a bit copious these days, if I may put it that way. Not much coherent photography recently. Was semi-official photographer at my brother's 40th birthday last weekend. Used the Panasonic G3, gittin old, not able to lug around the d700 all the time ...
Good to hear. (apart from the getting old bit) Can't you train your son to be your unpaid assistant?
all the very best from a freshly snow covered Sherwood Park.
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