Who are the top 3 people in your G+ circles with LESS THAN 1500 FOLLOWERS who share the most valuable content and the most interesting posts? *

Please read the rules at the bottom of the post before voting for anyone
We are looking for those people whom you wait for them to share something or you may pay more attention if you see their profile pictures next to a post. The ones who don't have many followers because they haven't been discovered by the community yet.

To make it easier to manage the responses please follow these rules:
1) Please mention their names in the comments (+name).
2) Please only ONE name per comment.
3) If someone you want to vote for has already been mentioned, please just +1 the original comment.
4) If you share the post (please do), ask your followers to only comment on the original post.
5) Please explain in the comment why you are voting for someone

Last week I asked a similar question from the community, without the <1500 limitation; The response was amazing and it resulted in a list of 50+ people whom the community chosen as the people who share the most interesting posts.
You can find the results at: http://www.recommendedusers.com/peoples-choice/

One of the things we realized during the survey was that the results were skewed toward the people with higher number of followers as they get much more chance of being voted for. One can say they have more followers because they share more interesting stuff. True, but there are many people who are new to Google+ with a limited number of followers who should get more credit for their activity on G+. The purpose of this survey is to put them in the spotlight.

Thank you so much for your participation
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