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Domains International
Domains International helping to find the right domain for your own website
Domains International helping to find the right domain for your own website


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If you need to discuss any aspect of this community, please email us to
Later we will need some more administrators (not only myself) and of course we need to bring more people for this community. Hope you can help us.
Carlos Martins
Manager of
Domains International or if you need to visit the networking webpage go directly to

Join this community and exchange your ideas, opinions and criticism (with no offensive terms). This theme is so importantant and growing everyday that deserves special groups that help current or potential stakeholders to distinguish between the good, the bad and the villain.
And last but not the least, share this community with all your family, friends and coleagues and help them to understand that this probably will change their lives.

SFI is undoubtely one of the best websites on Networking Marketing. You don´t need to pay any fees to subscribe, you don´t need to surf other websites, you don´t need to buy anything to be a member. The main goal is to gain points (called Versa Points or VP) and when you reached the 1500 during the month of subscription (now it would be better to initiate on April) you will be promoted to Executive Affiliate.

Besides you are always sponsored and get help pratically on daily basis with private messages or messages to the team where you go when subscribe.

If you need to subscribe send me an an email with the code "SENDMETELINKTOSFI" as Google+ and other social networks consider the link as spam maybe due to the abuse of other members.

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Read first the previous posting. We have 30 gift certificates valued $12 each that provide you with access to products for sale or bid on auctions at Triple Clicks. You just need to subscribe it (it is totally is free) and further send an email to with the promo code "ISUBSCRIBED". After checking and confirming it (you have to tell me the username or email you used to subscribe) and i will send you via TripleClicks the gift certificate.
This only applies to the first 30 subscribers, then you need to run (as Forrest Gump did).
To subscribe go to website below and click in one of the TripleClicks banners published there.

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Hi Warriors of Success

The best way to fight the crisis is actually working and making money on the Internet mainly on Network Marketing.
To see one of the best solutions, please visit the webpage

If subscribe the site, do not forget to email to with the code "ISUBSCRIBED" and you will receive a gift certificate to make your purchases or bid on the auction and maybe get some expensive products for bargain prices such as $2 or $3. Auctions running during 24h.

Any help, please send your questions to the same email.

The best way to sell domains is finding people that are not domainers (there are dozens of different businesses on Google+) and bring them to read the domains here posted. Domainers are preferably selling domains, not buying (unless by a cheap and undervalued domains).
In your own page on Google+ try to add into your circles not only domainers but people in all areas of business like fashion, shopping, entertainment and so on.

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Dear Potential Business Owner:

If you are like me, you've searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to be schemes. I've always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST (and not a "pie in the sky" fairy tale). Well, I did it! I've officially started my own home business as an affiliate with SFI (Strong Future International). Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with SFI:

    * Their parent company has been around since 1985.
    * It's free to get started.
    * They're in over 190 countries worldwide.

Read more here:

Do you know you can sell domains through Network Marketing?
If interested to see the details, please email me to with this code on the subject:


offensive or rude postings as also postings not from domainers will be banned.

Sorry but if you need to sell your domains better maybe the best way is SFI and TripleClicks (its store). If you subscribe SFI (the link will be sent you privately, not here) you just need to make the first 1500 points (i did it in three days and not rush to do it) and then open your own ECA (inistials of E-Commerce Affiliate) and then just start to sell your products from e-books, videos, domains, etc.

If interested please email me to with a simple code "sendmethelinktoSFI" on the subject of the email.

Any help or doubt please tell me on the email.

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